How to Evaluate Residential Hard Money Lenders

If you’re new to the world of residential hard money lenders in Arizona, it can be tough to know the good from the bad. Use these tips to weed out the poor lenders and end up with the money lender of your dreams.

When it’s your money and your property, don’t mess around. There are some excellent residential hard money lenders in Arizona out there, but with the good always comes the bad. Do your research before working with a hard money lender to ensure they’re a quality, trustworthy company.

Evaluating Hard Money Lenders

Before you commit to a residential hard money lender in Arizona, read over our best tips to help determine how trustworthy they are as a company.

Review the company website

The first step in vetting a company is to simply look over their website. The more organized and professional-looking it is, generally the more legitimate the company. A highly professional and organized website shows that a company cares about their communication and brand image and that they have enough money for an elaborate website. Typos, broken links, and poor graphics could all be red flags on a company website.

Research the company

After reviewing a company’s website, do some research. Have they won awards? Are they recognized by the BBB? It’s a good sign when a company has awards and support from other businesses. Moreover, check to see if they’re in the news. Some company scams have been outed online or in the news to help protect others who may fall into their trap. If you see a company’s name associated with the word “scam,” it may be wise to steer clear.

Look at company reviews

Reviews can tell you what a company won’t, especially regarding business practices and employee attitudes. If someone has a bad experience with a company, they may write about it online as a warning to others. With that being said, it’s more common for people to write negative reviews about products than positive ones. Psychologically, negative results affect us twice as much as positive ones. Dissatisfaction with a product is more likely to prompt a review than satisfaction. Keep that in mind as you read reviews.

Speak with company employees

If the residential hard money lenders in Arizona in question have passed all your tests so far, it may be time to call them. Take note of how you are treated on the phone and how your questions are answered. This can give you an idea of how they are as a company and help you determine if you’d like to work with them on your loan. If Negative Nancy answers the phone, you’ll know you will want to choose a different lender.

Choose a trustworthy hard money lender like Level 4 Funding.

Making sure your hard money lender is trustworthy is important for your peace of mind. Level 4 Funding is a trusted hard money lender based in Arizona that has funded tens of millions of dollars’ worth of projects. If you’re looking for a residential hard money loan, call Level 4 Funding today or apply for a loan online with their quick and easy application.

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