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Just What the Doctor Ordered: Buy One Property Annually to Retire Comfortably

Could adding one property per year to your rental property portfolio help you retire comfortably? For Dr. Dat Tran, this strategy is just what the doctor ordered.

Dr. Tran is an internal medicine physician practicing in the metro Phoenix area, with 35 prestigious years of medical experience under his belt. Originally from Japan, Dr. Tran moved to the US and ultimately to Arizona because it was where his wife truly wanted to be. He takes great pride in caring for his family, and for others.

When asked what his biggest motivation is in life, Dr. Tran says he finds true fulfillment in taking care of others. He loves the medical field and his daily ability to help and heal. But he also knows it’s time to start thinking about his retirement and securing a strong financial future for his family.

Securing an strong financial future

At the advice of trusted friends, Dr. Tran started investing in real estate and is slowly growing his portfolio of rental properties to help fund his retirement. Prior to 2017 he used a variety of lenders for his real estate purchases. Then a trusted colleague mentioned he should try Level 4 Funding.

Dr. Tran reached out to Level 4 Funding and connected with loan originator Mark Gowlovech. Having experienced mediocre service in the past when it came to loan requests, Dr. Tran was especially impressed with Mark’s speed and efficiency.

“Very fast, very quick, very helpful” said Dr. Tran of his experience with Mark Gowlovech. He is glad he took his friend’s advice and was thrilled with the results. With Mark’s help, Dr. Tran received his loan funds in record time and wrapped up his most recent property purchase in Avondale in March. Now he’s one step and one property purchase closer to retirement.

Could real estate fund your early retirement?

Dr. Tran is not alone in leveraging real estate as a key component of his retirement and financial strategy. Though the real estate market will always experience ups and downs, many physicians and other professionals still see it as a viable retirement funding solution.

Physician’s Money Digest reports that some successful physicians endorse a simple retirement strategy from their mentors—“Buy one real estate investment property a year.” In one example, a well respected physician who was also a savvy real estate investor shared that he had “technically retired years ago, but had continued working simply because he enjoyed it.”His simple and effective strategy? You guessed it, buy one real estate investment property per year.

By the numbers

This retirement strategy is certainly not restricted to physicians. But can only one property per year truly make a difference? As this one-per-year real estate purchase model shows, by year 20 the numbers truly add up:


· All properties purchased are single family homes.

· Each was purchased with 30% down private hard money loan, up to 4 properties financed at a time.

· Property values are modest, at only $100,000 on average.

· Average cash flow per property is extremely achievable—$400 per month.

· Once each property is paid off, it cash flows at $800 monthly.

· The Case-Shiller index was used to estimate a 3.4% property appreciation rate.

10 Year Summary:

· 8 properties were purchased in the first 10 years of this simulation model, just short of goal.

· 4 homes are completely paid off.

· Cash flow by end of year 10 is $57,600 annually.

· Portfolio property value is $750,000.

· Total investment so far is $300,000.

20 Year Summary:

· Properties continue to be purchased at an average of 1 per year.

· Portfolio property value is $2.8 million at the end of year 20.

· Cash flow reaches $172,800 per year.

The case study concludes that these are conservative estimates which most people can replicate. The numbers start to snowball around the 10 year mark, and many would agree that an annual income of over $170,000 in retirement qualifies as “comfortable” and then some.

Expand your funding options to escalate success

A 20 year retirement model looks great if you are 30 years old and want to retire by 50. But what if you’re a bit closer to retirement and need to escalate your plan?

One simple tweak is to expand your real estate purchase funding options. Rather than restrict your loans to just four at any given time (one of which is likely your primary residence), look to Level 4 Funding for greater flexibility and a longer runway in your financial plan.

You may run across a stellar investment property, hopefully one which cash flows for well above $400 per month. And you may have to act swiftly to win the bid. Your local bank will likely bog you down in a sea of paperwork and lengthy approval processes. Plus they are sure to have some sort of maximum property funding limit.

Keep things simple and follow Dr. Tran’s lead. When it comes to real estate financing he recommends Level 4 Funding. Just “go there and try them” he says, and experience their professional swift, service for yourself.


Happy senior business man making his notes at workDennis Dahlberg Broker/RI/CEO/MLO
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About the Author:  Dennis has been working in the real estate industry in some capacity for the last 40 years. He purchased his first property when he was just 18 years old. He quickly learned about the amazing investment opportunities provided by trust deed investing and hard money loans. His desire to help others make money in real estate investing led him to specialize in alternative funding for real estate investors who may have trouble getting a traditional bank loan. Dennis is passionate about alternative funding sources and sharing his knowledge with others to help make their dreams come true. Dennis has been married to his wonderful wife for 42 years. They have 2 beautiful daughters 5 amazing grandchildren. Dennis has been an Arizona resident for the past 40 years.

Stated Income Mortgage in Arizona

A said revenue mortgage could be a useful instrument in
qualifying for a mortgage if you’re self-employed or have revenue that’s
troublesome to confirm. Be taught what a stated income mortgage is and see if one is an effective match in your house loan wants.
In a conventional mortgage qualification course of, the
borrower is requested to supply quite a lot of documentation. Key amongst these
paperwork are revenue verification paperwork. These embody W-2s, tax returns
for 2 years, pay stubs, and financial institution statements. Any further deposits right into a
checking account that can’t be verified by paystubs should even be accounted for.
Principally the monetary property of the borrower are gone over with a tremendous tooth
comb. This method works effectively for individuals who maintain conventional jobs with steady revenue.
Nevertheless, for debtors who’re self-employed, traders, or have a distinct
non-traditional revenue state of affairs, revenue verification could be nearly unattainable.
For debtors who’re unable to furnish proof of revenue,
earn money in a non-traditional means, or who might have a better than permissible
debt to revenue ratio, a Arizona stated income mortgage could be a answer. A said
revenue mortgage
is a house loan the place the lender doesn’t confirm the
borrower’s revenue through W-2’s or tax returns. The borrower is requested to state
their revenue after which taken at their phrase.
Stated revenue
s have been given a little bit of a nasty repute as a result of they’re simple
to make use of to commit fraud. One lower than flattering nickname for the loans is
“liar’s loans.” This nickname took place as a result of a examine of IRS tax data
discovered that in almost 60% of all said
revenue mortgage
s the borrower really made lower than he/she declared as
revenue to acquire the loan. Some politicians are attempting to restrict entry to
said revenue loans primarily based on the assertion that they could possibly be used for
fraudulent functions.

When Does a Stated Income Mortgage Make Sense?


Regardless of its lower than flattering nickname and considerably
checkered previous, there are specific conditions when a said revenue mortgage is the perfect house loan choice. For a lot of
debtors one of these house loan is the one loan that may give them the
capital they should purchase the house they will afford. There are just a few conditions
the place a said revenue mortgage makes
The primary case in which a said revenue mortgage is a great selection is self-employment. This
is definitely the revenue state of affairs that the mortgage kind was designed for. For
many small enterprise house owners, impartial contractors, consultants, and different
self-employed enterprise folks, it may be troublesome to furnish proof of revenue
to the financial institution’s satisfaction. Income sources could also be thought-about unstable or there
might merely not be a conventional W-2 or pay stub that may be offered. A said revenue mortgage permits the
enterprise proprietor to state his/her revenue and qualify for a mortgage primarily based on that
One other case in which a said
revenue mortgage is an effective choice, is for somebody who makes his or her
residing from investments. Take an actual property investor who owns a number of
properties all with loans. Even when this investor makes $100,000 a 12 months in
disposable revenue and has the mortgage on every property coated by hire,
his/her debt to revenue ratio is perhaps too excessive on paper to be given an
further house loan. A said revenue
mortgage accounts for the precise disposable revenue this particular person has to
spend every month, fairly than simply what the monetary state of affairs seems like on
A 3rd state of affairs that may profit from a Arizona stated income mortgage can be in the
case of a freelancer or advisor. People who find themselves employed in these fields
have a tendency to work for multiple firm. Their work can be typically
seasonal or might range from month to month. Through the mortgage qualification
course of, banks take a look at 2 months of pay stubs. If it’s a sluggish month, the quantity
of pay might not replicate the precise quantity that borrower earned and subsequently
he/she might not qualify for a excessive sufficient quantity, if in any respect. As well as, banks
require borrower works for a corporation for a 12 months or extra earlier than that revenue
supply is taken into account legitimate. A freelancer or advisor typically works for a lot of
totally different firms however just one or two on a everlasting foundation. Due to this fact the
precise revenue of the borrower could possibly be $200,000 however solely $50,000 is counted as
revenue by the financial institution. A said revenue
permits the borrower to make use of their precise revenue quantity to qualify
for a mortgage.
Most conventional banks don’t provide Arizona said revenue mortgages as they’re thought-about increased threat loans.
Brokerage corporations and smaller banks typically have applications that may work with
debtors who want a said revenue

Dennis Dahlberg


Stage four Funding LLC
Arizona Tel:  (623) 582-4444 

Arizona Tel:     (512) 516-1177

NMLS 1057378 | AZMB 0923961 | MLO 1057378

22601 N 19th Ave Suite 112

Phoenix AZ 85027

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Level 4 Funding Can Help You Get the Arizona Home Loan You Want!

Get The Home You need with a  Arizona Home Loan


Are you on the lookout for the dwelling of your goals… but additionally wishing
you had the credit score to buy it? Now could be your probability to get what you need
as a result of there’s a technique to do it. You simply need to be unconventional! You can get
your Arizona dwelling loan. There’s a way to get the home you want. You have to talk to your hard money lender about the non traditional Arizona home loan they can give you.
We all know the financial system made lots of people lose their nice
credit score standing. That was a rattling disgrace. However there’s no use moping about it. You
need to get your self collectively and speak to a hard money lender about what you
can do about it relating to getting your own home.
Banks are troublesome. They aren’t prepared to simply accept very many
folks into their tiny world of loan dispersing. They wish to hold loads of the
money for themselves as a result of the 21st century has left them out in the chilly
fairly a bit. Quite a lot of banks went below, you may bear in mind, and we needed to bail
them out. They 
aren’t actually on the lookout for that once more. They’re really attempting to
do one thing totally different for financial institution loans in order that they put you thru loads of
totally different hoops and so they make you wait and even then you could not get the
Arizona home loan that you just really need
and really want for your home. Don’t give it a second thought. Get the Arizona dwelling loan out of your hard money lender. You will see how simple it’s to get what
you want if you don’t need to undergo a financial institution.

Dennis Dahlberg

Level 4 Funding LLC
Arizona Tel:  (623) 582-4444 

Arizona Tel:     (512) 516-1177

NMLS 1057378 | AZMB 0923961 | MLO 1057378
22601 N 19th Ave Suite 112
Phoenix AZ 85027

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You Need a Arizona Mortgage Broker!

If you happen to want a hard money loan however you don’t know the place to even begin you’ve got come to the proper place. Many individuals are afraid of hard money loans- they do sound scary!- however we guarantee you that they aren’t. The truth is, hard money loans are simpler to get than some other type of loan together with the standard delicate loan you get from a financial institution.

Mortgage Broker Arizona

Financial institution loans may be troublesome. There may be a lot of process concerned from paper work to creating positive you’ve got all of your affairs so as. It may be time consuming and even then chances are you’ll not get the money you want after months of ready and that may be extremely demanding. That’s the place your Arizona mortgage broker is available in as a result of they’ve some issues to say to you about hard money loans.
In contrast to your financial institution loan which will by no means come, your hard money loan is quick and it doesn’t discriminate towards credit score scores. Your credit score rating just isn’t considered in terms of your hard money loan as a result of the lender is rather more fascinated by getting their money again, not what your credit score appears to be like like.
Don’t be afraid to attempt one thing completely different. This can be a great factor so that you can discuss to your Arizona mortgage broker about as a result of it is going to be extremely useful. You will have the ability to tackle what you thought you by no means might as a result of you’ll have the money you by no means thought you might get. A hard money loan could possibly be the reply you’ve been wanting (and possibly needing) for fairly a while. You don’t should get hung up in your conventional financial institution loan when you will get your self a hard money loan from a private lender. Look into this different to a delicate money loan as we speak. 

Contact a Arizona mortgage dealer and get your loan software began as we speak!

Dennis Dahlberg


Stage four Funding LLC
Arizona Tel:  (623) 582-4444 

Arizona Tel:     (512) 516-1177

NMLS 1057378 | AZMB 0923961 | MLO 1057378

22601 N 19th Ave Suite 112

Phoenix AZ 85027

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