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What to Expect With Hard Money Loans Arizona

Hard money loans Arizona offers real estate investors a great tool. But, that tool is only useful if the investor understand the process and knows what to expect.

Hard money loans Arizona represent a good opportunity for many real estate investors. But knowing what to expect from the process and how to prepare are critical to a successful request and having the loan funded. Knowing what the lender is looking for will let you present him or her with the desired information and be prepared to meet the requirements of getting the loan.

Hard money lenders are going to want to see that the borrower has some money in the bank as a safety net in case there are issues with the property or the future transaction. Being cash poor is going to make it difficult for you to pay insurance, invest in repairs to the property or even maintain the property. So it is always wise to create a nest egg before beginning your search for hard money loans Arizona.

As a first time hard money borrower, it is also important that you do your homework. Understanding the terms for hard money loans Arizona is very important. The interest rate is definitely going to be higher than a traditional loan and the terms are going to be much shorter. But that is the price of doing business in the hard money world. However, the advantage for you is that all of the terms on hard money loans Arizona are negotiable. You simply need to work with the lender to agree to terms that meet both your needs and his or her needs.

What to Ask For

The loan to value rate is simple the comparison of the amount that you are asking for and the current market value of the property. In most cases a hard money lender will never fund over 70% of the cost of the property. So you need to be aware of this “magic” number and limit your request accordingly. In addition, you will need to be able to demonstrate your ability to provide the remaining amount of the purchase price for the down payment on the property.

Have a Planed Exit Strategy

All that the lender is really interested in is recovering his or her investment and interest on the hard money loan. But the lender understands that for you to pay off such a large loan in a short period of time, then you will most likely need to resell the property for a profit. So the lender will want to know how you plan to accomplish that task. And because it is only on a very rare occasion that things go perfectly, it is best for the lender and for you, to have more than one exit plan. You might want to do a quick flip on a residential property. But if you can’t find a buyer then a reasonable backup plan it to rent the property and seek a traditional loan to pay off the hard money loan.

Knowing what to expect and being prepared will not only help you to secure a hard money loan but it will also help you to be successful in profiting from that loan.

Spotting a Business Loan Arizona That Is Too Good To Be True

Looking for a great deal on a business loan Arizona is smart. But you need to be able to determine which offers are legitimate and which are actually a scam.

When you are searching for a business loan Arizona, it can be difficult to tell which lenders are legitimate and which are actually running a scam just to collect fees from unsuspecting potential borrowers. But completing your due diligence will reveal some information that will give you a good indication of which firms are legitimate and which are scams. There are some legitimate lenders who do request a processing fee when you submit your request. So that is not always a sure sign of a scam but there are a few dead giveaways.

When researching lenders to submit loan applications to, it is wise to always eliminate any that are outside the United States. This will greatly help to reduce the number of shady or fake lenders that you will be speaking to. Any lender who is outside the country is not going to be forced to follow any U.S. laws and that greatly increases the potential for you to become a victim of a scam or to have your personal information and identity stolen. In addition, if you are working with a firm who claims to be in the United States and then in fact is not, stop all transactions. A business who is hiding their location is more than likely not legitimate.

If you are told that there are no qualifications to be met for business loan Arizona approval, you are likely dealing with a fake company. These “firms” are likely to say that they charge a somewhat substantial fee for the loan request to be processed but then the fees are applied to your loan points. And that it is just a formality because there are no criteria that you must meet to get approved. These are all lies to get you to pay the fee. Once you pay then the lender never calls you again and will not return your calls or emails.

Don’t Be Fooled By an Office

Even if the company has a nice office in a respectable neighborhood there is no guarantee that they are legitimate. In most cases the office is in another state or city and all that you are seeing are pictures on a website. Not only is the office likely to belong to someone else but the entire business could be nothing more than a person who is running a website and collecting application information to sell as well as bilking borrowers out of application fees.

There Is No Free Loan

You are never going to find a legitimate business loan Arizona that is offered without any fees or interest. Lenders are in business to make money just as you are. So always look very closely at the entire contract and all of the fee and payment structure of any loan that appears to be too good to be true.


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Tips for Success When Considering Hard Money Loans Arizona

Every industry has its good and bad participants and hard money lending is no exception. But following a few tips can help to ensure success when seeking hard money loans Arizona.

As with any loan, careful evaluations should be completed for each lender and the terms for all hard money loans Arizona. If you are not familiar with the process or the loan documentation it is always a good idea to have your lawyer review any documents before you sign them because a hard money loan document is legally binding. In addition, there are a few other tips that can help you to ensure that your entire loan application and funding process goes smoothly.

There can be a few legitimate upfront fees that a borrower is asked to pay when requesting hard money loans Arizona. But be cautious of any extremely large fees that you are presented with prior to being approved for the loan. In most cases, these fees are being charged by a third party or a “broker” who is not actually the lender but is trying to get a fee and masquerade as a lender. Not only is there a good chance that you will not get funding from this person but there is also a good chance that they will sell your identity or personal information to others for an additional profit at your expense.

When you are presenting information to a potential lender, assume that they will find out any “little secret” that you might know about the property. Do not try to hide information about the title, tax liens or any issues that could become a problem in the future. A lender is going to fully investigate the property and will not look kindly on any borrower who has attempted to be dishonest or take advantage of them.

Know the Current Rates

Not all lenders are dishonest just like not all used car dealers are dishonest. But that are a few in every crowd. So be sure that you have polled several lenders and are well aware of the current rates and terms for hard money loans Arizona. This will let you know immediately if a lender is trying to take advantage of you and you can cease the relationship immediately.

As for A Detailed Fee Breakdown

In the end, all you are really shopping for is the loan with the best overall cost to you. So it only makes sense to clearly ask for a list of all of the fees and costs that you will be paying for the use of the lenders money. Having this clear list of the total cost will allow you to easily compare all of your offers without having to sort through various terms and jargon that can be a part of a loan document.

Using these few tips will help you to more easily determine which hard money loan is the least expensive and will allow you to get the best return on your investment.

Advantages of Hard Money Loans Arizona

It is true that hard money loans cost more in interest and fees than most traditional loans. But there are several advantages of using hard money loans Arizona.

Most borrowers are focused on trying to find the most affordable lender when they are seeking a loan. And thinking along those lines is likely to keep many borrowers from taking advantage of all of the benefits of hard money loans Arizona. But investing just a few minutes in exploring the advantages of hard money loans could easily change some borrower’s opinion of hard money loans Arizona.

As a business person, your time is very valuable. And hours spent completing traditional loan applications are costing you money. The time could be better spent managing and growing your business. The much simpler application process of hard money loans Arizona is a great way to save yourself time and the stress that is associated with completing forms and compiling bank statements and other documentation.

Another advantage of hard money loans is the fact that you will not need to submit your personal banking and financial statements to the hard money lender as you would if working with a bank. Traditional lenders are interested in business creditworthiness and financial health as well as the personal financial situation of each owner of the business. However, a hard money lender is only focusing on the current market value of the property which will be the collateral for the loan.

Self-Employment is Not an Issue

Many banks and traditional lenders have very specific criteria for funding a loan when the borrower is self-employed. This can make it even harder than normal for a borrower to qualify for a loan. But a hard money lender does not see self-employment as a negative. And in some cases they prefer it as it shows initiative and the desire to commit to hard work to become successful.

Used Correctly Hard Money Is a Great Tool

Hard money loans are not the perfect solution for every borrower. If you are looking for a long term loan, or if you need to borrow the entire purchase price of a property, then hard money lenders will be of no help to you. But if you are looking for a short term loan that can be funded quickly, then hard money is for you. The application process is much less lengthy and the criteria for approval is related more to the actual current market value of the property than it is your credit score. So borrowers with poor credit or no credit will have a fair opportunity to secure a hard money loan.

Not only is applying to many banks time consuming but it is also humiliating to be turned down time after time. But you can avoid the embarrassment and the wasted time by presenting your request to a reputable hard money lender. With a solid plan to purchase and resell for a profit, you have a higher than average chance of getting the funding that you need from a hard money lender.

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About the Author:  Dennis has been working in the real estate industry in some capacity for the last 45 years. He purchased his first property when he was just 18 years old. He quickly learned about the amazing investment opportunities provided by trust deed investing and hard money loans. His desire to help others make money in real estate investing led him to specialize in alternative funding for real estate investors who may have trouble getting a traditional bank loan. Dennis is passionate about alternative funding sources and sharing his knowledge with others to help make their dreams come true. Dennis has been married to his wonderful wife for 42 years. They have 2 beautiful daughters 5 amazing grandchildren. Dennis has been an Arizona resident for the past 40 years.

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3 Requirements to Succeed Using Hard Money Loans Arizona

Understanding these three basic requirements of hard money loans Arizona will help to ensure that you can secure your loan. In addition, these tips will greatly improve your potential of success.

Real estate investors who are not familiar with hard money loans Arizona often have many questions about the process and how to best use a hard money loan to its fullest potential. The first question is always about the collateral required to secure a hard money loan. Borrowers want to know how much they can borrow and how that number is determined. All of this financial information is a huge part of the first requirement of hard money loans Arizona. Having a sufficient down payment is critical to securing a hard money loan. Lenders are only going to offer between 65% and 75% of the purchase price of the property. The borrower is required to provide the remaining 25% to 35% in the form of a down payment. This assures the lender that the property will almost always remain more valuable than the outstanding balance of the loan.

In addition to the cash to purchase the property, the lender is going to want verification that the borrower has the cash reserves necessary to pay the costs associated with owning the property such as the monthly payments, the taxes and insurance. If the property is in need of repairs or renovations, the lender might also want to see that the borrower has the means to make the needed repairs to protect the property value.

Be Prepared with a Detailed Plan

Real estate experience is also an important consideration prior to funding hard money loans Arizona. The lender is going to need to understand the borrower’s previous experience in real estate investing to know that they are a good investment. This experience can be demonstrated through past successful investments as well as a clear and detailed plan for the current project. Items such as a detailed timeline, tasks to be completed, comparable property pricing in the area and a plan for marketing and selling the completed property will all show the lender that this project has a great potential for success due to the experience and professional management of the borrower.


As with any business deal, professionalism is going to be critical to the final success of the project. Not having a clearly defined plan and the money to act on the plan is a sure sign that the project is doomed even before it gets started. But having a plan and a detailed process outlined to achieve the goals will show potential lenders that you are experienced and well prepared to start and successfully finish this project. Not only will this preparation go a long way in helping you secure the hard money loan but it will also help to make the project run more smoothly and remain on budget and on time. The effort you invest before the project begins is equally as critical to its success as any time and effort you invest during the project.

How to Find Reliable Hard Money Lenders Arizona

Finding reliable hard money lenders Arizona is not as easy as driving to a bank or mortgage company. You will need to invest some time to find the best hard money lender to meet your needs.

Most first time hard money borrowers are not very familiar with the process or their options when it comes to selecting a lender. So it can be very tempting to just accept the first lender who is willing to make you an offer. But there are a few key questions that you should answer when you are assessing potential hard money lenders Arizona.

The hard money lenders website is going to tell you a great deal about how they do business and the actual type of service that they offer. Some sites are very basic and are only used to gather your information. They provide no details about the lender or the types of terms that they offer. Often times you learn after the fact that these sites do not belong to actual hard money lenders Arizona, but instead they are operated by an intermediary or broker who is collecting information on potential borrowers and then turning it over to an actual hard money lender. This is not a person that you want to deal with as they are going to add fees and provide you with no real service. You only want to work directly with the lender.

Professionalism is another important factor when selecting hard money lenders Arizona. You want to work with a lender who can meet your financial needs but also your customer service needs. Reliable contact information, a staff that promptly returns calls and emails and clear and professional documentation are all indication of a professional lender and not a fly by night entity.

Finding a Good Match

Not every hard money lender is going to be a good match for every potential borrower. Some lenders focus only on commercial properties while others prefer to focus on residential properties. Selecting a lender who regularly funds projects similar to yours will undoubtedly make the process smoother and faster which is often a driving motivation for using a hard money lender.

Do Your Homework

Any lender, whether a hard money lender or a traditional lender, is simply a service provider. You would never select a builder for your next home, a contractor or even a car mechanic without checking out the business and its reputation. So you need to commit to the same process with a hard money lender. Be certain that they are in good standing with other borrowers and that they are not embroiled in any legal issues. Check out their reputation with previous clients. Did they offer a professional process and service throughout the life of the loan? Were they reasonable to work with one terms and payments? All of this information will give you insight into what your hard money borrowing experience is likely to be when working with that lender.

Understanding Loan to Value Ratio for Hard Money Loans Arizona

Understanding the loan to value ratio for hard money loans Arizona is critical to knowing how much money you can request. Without knowing the LTV you have no idea what lenders would be willing to fund.

Because hard money loans are secured with real estate, it is critical to understand how lenders determine the dollar amount that they are willing to lend. This determination process uses the loan to value ratio which is the loan amount divided by the property value. In most cases a hard money lender will fund up to 65% to 75% of the current property value. What this means for anyone who wants to use funding from hard money loans Arizona to make a purchase is that they must have cash or other financing for the remaining 25% to 35% of the purchase price.

It is important to understand what the loan to value ratio is on the property that you are purchasing so that you can be prepared to pay the remaining balance to complete the purchase. Some borrowers will seek a partner to contribute the remaining funds or others will use other properties as collateral to borrow the remaining funds.

On some rare occasions lenders will use an alternative ratio called the after repair value. This is basing the value of the property on its potential value after the buyer makes the repairs. It works in the borrowers favor as he or she is able to get a larger amount for the hard money loan. The down side is that this type of loan poses a greater risk to the lender who is likely to demand that the borrower pay a higher interest rate as compensation.

Hard Money is Always Secured

Understanding that hard money loans Arizona are all based predominantly on the value of the property being purchased is Important. It is also important to know that the lender will only offer a percentage of that property value as a way to ensure that the property is always worth more than the balance of the loan. This is so that in the event of a default on the loan, the lender can sell the collateral property and recover the full loan amount.

More Risk=More Cost

Hard money lenders are in business to make money just as real estate investors are buying properties to make money. All lenders calculate the amount of hard money loans Arizona in the same way. The only reason that some are willing to offer a higher percentage is because they are willing to assume a greater risk. And in return for that greater risk, the lender is going to require that the borrower pay a higher interest rate on the loan. But if you have no other way to secure the funds needed to close the deal, then paying a higher interest rate is better than losing the deal all together. You will always have the opportunity to refinance the loan in a more traditional manner at a later point in time to improve the interest rate.

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What Are Hard Money Loans Arizona?

Understanding hard money loans Arizona will provide investors with an additional lending resource when they are interested in investing in real estate. It will also greatly reduce the time involved in securing funding.

Hard money loans Arizona are just loans that is secured by real estate. In addition, these loans are funded by private investors or lenders instead of the traditional banks or loan companies. In most cases, the loan is short term such as a 12 month time frame or even as short as three or six months. But the term can be extended to as long as two to five years. Another term used for this type of loan is asset based lending.

The terms of hard money loans Arizona are flexible because the lender is not obligated to follow the same rules and restrictions that traditional lending institutions must follow. The private lender is able to work more closely with the borrower to create terms that are mutually beneficial to both parties. For this reason, many borrowers prefer hard money loans Arizona over traditional loans.

In addition to being flexible with the repayment terms of hard money loans, borrowers also like the fact that it is much easier to qualify for a hard money loan than a traditional loan. Instead of the lender reviewing the borrowers credit, income and current debt load, the lender is really only interested in the current value of the property that is going to be used as collateral for the loan. This allows borrowers with no credit or poor credit to still be able to qualify for the hard money loan.

Deals the Could Require Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are not the perfect solution for any type of deal. They are financed at a higher rate than a traditional loan and also can have additional loan fees which are charged to the borrower. In most cases, if a borrower can get a traditional loan, then that is the best solution. But when banks are not willing to fund a loan request then hard money is a viable option. Deals such as a short term fix and flip, land loans, construction loans and deals that have a very short time frame for funding are all prime examples of the perfect reason to select a hard money loan.

Properties to Secure a Hard Money Loan

A borrower can use just about any type of property to secure a hard money loan. The only qualification for a property is that the lender be willing to accept that type of property as collateral. Often times a lender would prefer a single family home as collateral because it has a more stable market value and is easier to liquidate if the borrower defaults. But multi-family residential, commercial, industrial and even unimproved land can all be used to secure a hard money loan.

Understanding how a hard money loan works and when it is beneficial, offers borrowers a legitimate option for funding when a traditional lender has declines a loan application.

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Tips to Secure a Business Loan Arizona

Securing a business loan Arizona can be challenging. But following a few tips can greatly improve your chances for a fast approval.

Securing any type of loan can be a very stressful process. But the application process for a business loan Arizona can appear extremely overwhelming. Unlike a personal loan application which is fairly simple and straightforward, a business loan application requires a great deal of information about the business and even the personal finances of the owners or principles of the company. To ensure that you are investing your time in a successful loan application, you will want to be sure to follow a few simple tips that have been found to produce successful results.

The business finances are critical to any loan approval as you might expect. The company should have been profitable for at least two years to have a good chance at securing funding. Having financial statements and credit reports in good order before requesting a loan is very important and will save you a great deal of time when completing application. Also having the owner’s information readily available will make the process less stressful.

In addition to financial information, lenders want to have a good understanding of the company, its history and the experience level of the owners and senior management team. This means detailing the birth and growth of the company as well as explaining the business plan and reason for the loan request. Simply stating that it is for growth or expansion is too vague. Explain what the funds will be used for, how they will benefit the company and the expected return on the investment. Details about how the loan will help the company achieve goals in the five and ten year plan will demonstrate strong and experienced leadership and increase the lenders confidence in your business.

Think Local

Unless you have a very large and well established business, a local lender might be a better option for a business loan Arizona. Local lenders tend to place more value on business history, involvement in the community and the local economy. Large national lenders work more from a very strict formula for loan approvals where a local lender has the ability to “bend” the criteria slightly to process loans that are less favorable. Knowing this though, be certain to have a very well prepared and detailed loan application for local lenders. They will be even more motivated to learn about your business and the professional history of the management team.

Be Well Prepared

When seeking any business loan Arizona, detailed preparation is your best tool for success. Detailed financial information and history about the business will help to establish the creditworthiness of the business. This information presented to a local lender in a professional format is going to create a good first impression for you and for your business. And though the process might take some time, you will find that you stand a much better chance of getting your application approved.

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How to Understand Repayment Terms for Business Loans Arizona

When trying to obtain business loans Arizona and decipher the sometimes complicated jargon in the agreement, it’s critical to know what is of expected of you in terms of paying back the loan. Level 4 Funding breaks it down.

You need to start with a clear reality about what it’s going to take to get a loan approved — and then be able to meet the repayment term schedule. Terms for business loans Arizona are totally different than home mortgage payments, for example, that you might have for 30 years. These loans at loan-term can range from five to 20 years, give or take, and at short-term, between three and six months to three years. However, the latter will also include higher interest rates.

The short-term business loans Arizona are designed for business owners that need cash and they need it now. This could be for a number of reasons (need to make payroll, want to purchase a building, need to do some important renovations or upgrades to pass inspections) — all of which are time sensitive. These loans can be approved and turned around with cash in hand for the borrower within as little as 48 hours, give or take. However, ultimately, these loans can be more difficult to pay off because of the shorter repayment time allotment plus the additional high interest rates.

With long-term business loans Arizona, the time frame for repayment stretches over a much longer course of time, and they are amortized loans, which means that the loan needs to be paid in fixed installments through the duration of the payment terms. This is similar to how homeowners pay their mortgage — with principle and interest all together. But sometimes there is a balloon payment required at the end of the terms, meaning the borrower much pay the remainder of the loan back in one large sum, which can be difficult as well.

Be sure you are aware of any penalties.

While you would think that paying your loan back early would be rewarded, it can actually work against you. Some loan agreements charge a penalty for early payment (likely because they would like to keep receiving that high interest through the term of the agreement).

Give a professional a call to help you understand the intricacies of repayment terms.

When seeking a loan and understanding all the ins and outs of this complicated application and agreement contract, it’s important to work with someone you can trust. Level 4 Funding’s lenders are professional, experienced and they care about finding you the right loan with the repayment terms that work for you and your business. Give us a call today and let us help you discover how easy and simple the loan process can be.

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