What are the Credit Requirements for a Hard Money Mortgage?

Credit score requirements hard money Mortgage?   We don’t care!

Foreclosures?  Bankruptcy?  Short Sales?  Low Credit Sore?  The good news is:  we do not consider your credit score rating in determining if we are going to fund a project.  We more closely look at the project and evaluate the profit potential and your ability to complete the project.  We look at the home and evaluate its value and the potential of value if you are improving the home.  With a hard money Mortgage, its more about the home and less about you.

Do I Qualify for a Commercial Hard Money Mortgage?

Many people ask the question if they qualify for a commercial hard money Mortgage.  In reality, hard money lenders don’t care about your credit history, taxes or any other related financial information.  This is because the only concern they have is if your property meets the underwriting criteria.  Private investors lend their money based upon the notion that the real estate parcel in question has enough protective equity left after funding of the commercial Mortgage in addition to reviewing information from the borrower.

Mortgage approval is weighted mostly on the value and borrowers “Equity” or the “Hard Asset” used as collateral with a lesser concern given to the borrower’s credit rating.

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These loads are also referred as to “Private Money Mortgages”, as the source of the funds do not come from conventional bank Mortgages but instead come from private sources such as investor’s personal funds, pensions plans and other non-traditional sources.


These funding source have more flexibility in their lending practices as they do not have to fulfill the more stringent FDIC and governmental mandated lending requirements of the traditional bank.