Top 10 Easy Renovations for Your Flip

Flipping homes isn’t always a walk in the park. Use loans to flip houses in Arizona to make strategic renovations that will ensure a sale.

Thinking about flipping homes? You’re not alone. It’s becoming a popular pastime and source of income in the United States. With an average profit of $30,000, flippers add huge amounts to their income every year.

If you’re new to the flipping game, it can be tough to know where to start. The best way to begin is to take out one or two loans to flip houses in Arizona, offered at hard money lenders across the country. Loans to flip houses in Arizona can help you purchase your property and complete your renovations. If you’re low on cash, this can be a great way to get the ball rolling.

Once you have loans to flip houses in Arizona and have purchased your property, you can start on your renovations. Beginner renovators may want to seek the help of a contractor to ensure quality, long-lasting renovations. However, it is possible to renew a space without the help of a professional if you have general design knowledge.

Renovations You Can Do on Your Own

Here are the top 10 renovations you can do with your own two hands to make your old property look new again:

1. Update the cupboards.

Cupboards can make or break a kitchen, so it’s important to give them some attention if they’re looking a little worn. A fresh coat of paint can really make old cupboards shine like new. Research cupboard painting techniques to reduce signs of streaks, and then replace old handles with new ones to give cupboards a modern look.

2. Change the light fixtures.

You’d be surprised how much light fixtures can add to a room. Choose new fixtures of the same style to keep aesthetics consistent throughout your home.

3. Add ceiling fans.

While you’re replacing fixtures, include some ceiling fans. A lot of older homes don’t have them, but they can add appeal for potential home owners.

4. Get new appliances.

Buyers love things that are shiny and new. Black or stainless-steel appliances can modernize any kitchen. Depending on the appliances you’re replacing, you may need some help with the heavy lifting.

5. Add some paint.

You can usually see that a home has been lived in based on the interior paint. Cover up scuffs, chips, and scratches with new paint to refresh your whole property.

6. Put in a backsplash.

A stylish backsplash adds a je-ne-sais-quoi to any kitchen. Go for faux tiles, which are prearranged in a square formation and can be easily installed.

7. Bring in some new carpet.

Along with old paint, old carpets can make a home look lived-in. Install new carpeting to add to your flip.

8. Add curb appeal.

Grab your gardening gloves and get to work! Eliminating patchy spots in grass and adding plants to the landscape can go a long way and give your home some serious curb appeal.

9. Switch out the doorknobs.

Doorknobs are likely in every room of your property. If they’re dated, they can add an unappealing “old” feel to a space. Switch out old doorknobs with new, sleek ones that match your property’s updated look.

10. Clean, clean, clean!

No one wants to move into a dirty place. Clean it top to bottom, leaving no stone unturned. Its new sparkle will shine to potential buyers.

Make the most of your loans to flip houses in Arizona with these helpful tips.

Put in the effort and it’s sure to show. Try these easy strategies to revive an old home without using a contractor. Home flipping doesn’t have to be a beast unless you let it. Good luck, flipper!

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