Understanding the Logic behind the Process of Commercial Real Estate Loans

Getting approved for your first commercial mortgage can be a challenge. The best way to ensure a successful loan application is to have a good knowledge of commercial real estate loans.

There is a lot more to obtaining commercial real estate loans than you might first think. The process is more complicated and lengthy than even the most difficult residential home purchase. But because of the significant amount of money involved and the added risks, lenders are much more selective when it comes to approving an application.

Technically, commercial real estate loans are secured by liens on the property which is being purchased. That property is the lenders security and ability to recover their money if you default on the loan. But there are additional factors which make commercial real estate loans much more risky than a residential loan. First, commercial real estate values can fluctuate very rapidly. This can leave a lender repossessing a property which is worth far less than the remaining balance on the loan. In addition, the business which is purchasing the property has a greater chance than a consumer of suffering financial hardship as a result of a sudden change in the economy.

Because of the increased risk that the lender is facing, interest rates are higher and loan terms are shorter on a commercial loan than they would be on a consumer loan. Most commercial loans are for a ten year period or less as opposed to a residential mortgage which can range from 15 years to 40 years in some cases. And even with these shorter terms the interest rate for a commercial loan is about 1% higher. Commercial lenders also require a 20% down payment in most cases. This gives the added security that the property will always remain greater in value than the amount of the outstanding balance of the loan.

The Application Process

When applying for a home mortgage, borrowers must be able to demonstrate that they have the ability to afford the monthly payments and that they have steady income. Commercial borrowers much also prove that there is a means of making the loan payments. But because a business is more reliant on the overall economy, they must show that the business is in good financial health, that it is being managed well and that it has sufficient cash reserves to weather a financial down turn or hardship. In some cases, the owners must also include their personal financial documentation if the business has poor credit, no credit or has not been in operating for more than 5 years.

Understanding the Lending Process

All lenders are in business to make money. Understanding that fact makes it easier to understand why commercial lending can be difficult to secure. The increased risk that the lender faces needs to be rewarded with higher interest and shorter repayment terms. In addition, the lenders are more careful about the creditworthiness and the financial health of the borrowers. With the economy having a bigger impact on businesses, lenders want to verify that a business is stable enough to survive a short economic crunch or down turn in business. Know this information and creating a loan application package that demonstrates your financial stability will greatly increase your opportunities for commercial financing.

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