Criteria for Selecting Commercial Lenders

Evaluating commercial lenders can be a difficult task. But preparing a list of criteria to use for selecting the best lender to meet your needs can be a great time saver.

As a business professional, both your time and your money hold a great deal of value. So it is important to find a lender who will meet all of your needs. Ideally, you will be able to evaluate enough commercial lenders to select a few to forge long term relationships with to ensure continued financial prosperity. The process will undoubtedly take some time but the long term benefit will be a good working relationship with a primary lender as well as other secondary reputable lenders.

Commercial lenders are all about money. You would not be seeking a commercial lender if you did not need money. But you should look at these relationships as you would any other vendor who is supplying a good or service to your business. You need to compare the merits or the service each lender is willing to provide to you. This means what type of fee structure are they offering, what is the interest rate and how quickly can they deliver on their product; your loan funding.

You will also want to evaluate the core qualities of the lenders existing clients. Do they cater to a certain industry or type of loan? Do they have a specific loan size that they tend to service? Are they familiar with your business and the type of loan that you are looking for? All of this information will help you to determine the level of responsiveness and the quality of the service that you will receive if you do business with the lender. Customer service might not jump out as an important factor when securing the loan but if you ever have an issue or want to restructure your loan, then customer service could be one of the most important features the lender offers. Think long term for customer service and product lines available. Meeting your long term needs with a single lender will save you a great deal of time in the long run.

Comfort and Compatibility

Think of your lender as a strategic partner. You will need to discuss confidential financial information as well as other proprietary information about your business. It is important that you are working with a lender with whom you have a certain comfort level. The more honest and up front you can be with your lender the more benefits they can provide to you.

Invest Time to Evaluate for Long Term Success

Creating a list of criteria to evaluate commercial lenders will require an investment of your time today. But the benefits will continue to reward you each time you complete a new loan from your lender or seek advice. Carefully consider the fees and interest rates associated with the different lenders, but also recognize the added value that customer service and fast response time can add to your relationship. Knowing that you have a lender who will meet all of your needs for the long term is worth the time involved in a careful selection process.

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