Texas Commercial Mortgages Promote Going Green as a Real Estate Investment Model

3page_img4As tenants become aware of the effects of the materials used in building on their health and well-being, many are turning to “green buildings” in order to minimize the impact. Multifamily units, single-family homes and office and retail developments are answering the need by becoming certified in WELL and LEED, and Texas commercial mortgages are becoming available for these types of properties.

The International WELL Building Institute has created an alignment with WELL and LEED in order to offer dual certification to those interested in building green projects. This streamlined approach has led to reduced documentation as well as less time and cost when obtaining certification. WELL focuses on creating healthy indoor spaces. There are seven areas that are incompassed and these include: light, air, water, fitness, nourishment, comfort and mind. LEED focuses on not only homes and buildings but communities as well with construction and operation that leads to a healthy environment.

According to EPA, indoor pollutants are two to five times higher than outside levels. This increased level of toxicity can lead to an increase in respiratory disease as well as autoimmune responses. In order to minimize these potential physical challenges, developers and investors are creating buildings and renovating existing sites that are built with green products and materials that are low emitters of indoor air contaminants such as volatile organic compounds. Materials are given time to “outgas” before tenants take residence. HVAC systems are in place that bring the outdoor air in and a ventilation system is created in order to keep moisture to a minimum. Natural lighting is considered when designing windows allowing for uniform daylight throughout rooms.

Developers are finding that these types of construction create a positive financial impact not only by increased demand but also by increasing tenant health. In Brooklyn, Blue Sea Development’s first LEED Platinum building—The Eltona in South Bronx—provides eco-friendly and affordable housing. One interesting side effect was that this building experienced a lower rent delinquency due to medical reasons than their other buildings. According to an article in Apartmentality, “Blue Sea hopes its latest project, Ocean Hill-Brownsville’s Prospect Plaza will provide a model for affordable housing, showing that healthier buildings lead to healthier residents and better financial outcomes for developers.” Lenders are taking notice, making Texas commercial mortgages for these types of properties available.

Green Building Incentives

In order to encourage green building, various incentives such as grants and tax incentives have been created on the regional and national level. Benefits also include programs that offer reduced Texas commercial mortgage rates for environmental purchases and gap financing.

At Level 4 Funding, we work with hundreds of private investors, many of whom are interested in green building projects for both residences and office buildings.

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