Markets that are Ripe for Real Estate Investments and Texas Commercial Mortgages

Handsome young man looking confidentlySeveral markets have not completely recovered following the subprime mortgage crisis, many of which are ripe for commercial investment opportunities. Know what to look for and how to find the right market for your next real estate investment and how to obtain a Texas commercial mortgage.

As a real estate investor, finding markets with potential and knowing what markets are ripe for growth are a few of the main strategies when creating a growing and valuable portfolio. While values have continued to rise following the subprime mortgage crisis, some markets are slower in coming around than others. The question real estate investors then ask themselves: Are these markets going to return to their former glory and is it time to invest in these undervalued markets? In light of the fact that many markets have surpassed their previous values, chances are good. According to Real Capital Analytics, major metro areas have seen the greatest increase and are over 50 percent higher than they were just 10 years ago.

The areas that are slow in making a comeback include Las Vegas, Sarasota, Sacramento and Orlando. These areas offer favorable pricing and possible greater returns on investments, but at some risk. Investors look at the various areas in the following categories in order to determine the risk versus reward: job and population growth, surrounding communities, demand versus supply and demographics. Buying at the right time is a critical part of success as a real estate investor. In order to maximize your ROI in these types of markets consider looking for the following types of properties: bank-foreclosed and absentee-owners that may consider selling once approached.

While due diligence is required, when a property hits the market that’s priced right and is in an up-and-coming neighborhood, multiple investors will most likely have their eye on it. Quick action in these cases and having a readily available Texas commercial mortgage often determines who the lucky investor is as many people will take the first offer especially if they know there is a time constraint to the acceptance or rejection. On the other hand, owners who have properties that have been on the market for some time are often willing to accept a discounted offer just to get out from under the property and real estate taxes.

Cash Flow

Know your market including typical rents and whether they will cover your mortgage and expenses. To find positive cash flow you need to find affordable multiunit properties, motivated sellers that are willing to accept a reduced offer, and affordable areas in terms of pricing and median household incomes. In addition, look for communities that do not rely on just one industry for economic growth. An example of this is the rise and fall of Detroit due to the automobile industry or one of the many towns in Texas that counted on the oil and gas industry before the fall of prices.

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