Securing A Commercial Mortgage in Texas – Preparing For Your Mortgage – Step 1 – Pre-qualification

3page_img3-bigVenturing into the commercial real estate market is not something to be taken lightly. The process can be long and stressful, especially if you are not properly prepared. When you are seeking a commercial mortgage in Texas, there are a number of steps to take before you are going to be able to secure funds.

Before the official paperwork even begins, most lenders prefer to have potential borrowers go through a pre-qualification process. Not only does this ensure that the borrower is both serious about pursuing a mortgage, but it also helps lending institutions determine the direction that they want to go with the commercial mortgage, especially in competitive markets like Texas.

In many cases, the pre-qualification process consists of some basic questions about your goals and your basic finances. Many lenders actually have this process online, so it can be completed at your convenience. It is important to answer the questions on this pre-qualification application as honestly as possible, even if you do not have to back it up with financial statements right away. Again, this is process is not only to determine whether or not you can handle a loan, but also to justify which type of funding would work best for you and your commercial property.

There is also the instance of a lender reaching out to you, saying that they have already prequalified you. While this is more common with basic commercial loans for small businesses (remember, many lenders make money off of fees and interest rates, so it is in their best interest to have as many customers as possible), it does happen with commercial mortgages, especially if you have already received one or applied for one. If you have already been pre-qualified, you will still have to go through the application process to definitively determine if you qualify for the loan.

For some lenders, just the application and some basic questions are enough to begin the process of a formal application. For others, further documentation will be required. This can be anything from the previous two months bank statements to tax documentation going back two to three years. You might also have to prove additional income by disclosing investment properties or other assets. The larger the commercial loan you are attempting to acquire, the more documentation you should expect to provide up front.

What happens after I submit my pre-qualification application and documentation for my commercial mortgage?

Once all of the documentation is gathered and submitted to the lender, you will usually have an answer as to whether or not you are qualified pretty quickly. Often times it is even the same day. If you do this online, you can expect to know the answer, and hear from a representative, within 24 hours. In person, this process might go even more quickly as your documentation will be reviewed by a live person while you are present. After you are pre-qualified, the lending agency will then begin to move you through the formal application process of a commercial mortgage.


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