Commercial Loans In Texas – What You Need To Know About Working With the SBA-Part 4 – Selecting the Right Lender

1page_img1Once you have all of the paperwork in place and understand the process of obtaining a commercial loan in Texas through the Small Business Administration, you must now begin the process of figuring out which lender is going to serve your needs. Picking the correct lender is very important in making sure that your loan process runs smoothly.

While they might all seem the same on the surface, there are vast differences amongst lenders, especially when it comes to a loan through the Small Business Administration. In order to make your process as easy and stress-free as possible, you will want to find a skilled lender that not only have experience in commercial loans, but also one that has experience dealing with the various aspects of SBA loans.

One of the differentiating factors with a lender who is familiar in dealing with the Small Business Administration is whether or not they are a “Preferred” lender. This is important, as an approved lender (noted by the preferred status) has already cleared some of the basic requirements put forth by the SBA and this will greatly speed up the process for the borrower. If a lender is not preferred, they must initially submit the borrower’s credit application to the SBA directly. A preferred lender can skip this step.

Another factor that will help you pick the correct lender for your needs with your commercial loan through the Small Business Administration is whether or not they have a department that is dedicated solely to these types of loans. Will you receive specialized attention? Or will you just be another application that is thrown into the stack. Lenders that have dedicated personnel are going to make your loan process much smoother and will help you to feel at ease with the process.

Along with selecting the right institution, it is critical that you also select the right loan officer. This person is going to be working with you and will be critical to your success. If you do not get along with your loan officer, or do not feel they would do a good job, then that is a sign that your commercial loan process is not going to be as smooth as it should be. Your loan officer should not only be familiar with commercial lending in general, but also be familiar with Small Business Administration loans specifically.

What other questions should I ask a potential lender about my commercial loan in Texas through the SBA?

You will no doubt have many questions when trying to find a potential lender, as you well should. There are two basic questions that every lender should have answer to very quickly. In fact, they might even have printed documentation for you. The first is what sort of supporting documents this specific lender requires for the loan process. The second is how long this specific lender expects the commercial loan process to take. Good lenders will be able to give you concrete, precise answers.



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