Questions to Answer before Using Commercial Lending

Commercial lending processes are not quite the same as personal lending. Borrowers will want to be prepared for this process and have information and answers prepared to expedite the application process.

Unlike with your home mortgage, a commercial property loan often requires you to pay off the loan much sooner than the term stated on the loan documents. You will pay the regular interest and principal payments for a specific length of time, generally 3, 5 or 10 years, and then there is a balloon payment due. This payment is the entire balance of the loan. In many cases the borrower will not have sufficient cash to pay the balance and will need to refinance or requalify for a loan. If the business has less cash flow that when it originally applied then the interest rate could increase or you might not qualify at all. In this case the property is at risk for foreclosure. So you will want to be very certain of the terms of your commercial loan and know that you have the means to meet the payment structure that is being presented. You don’t want to pay on a property for five years only to lose it in a foreclosure over a huge balloon payment.

In addition to understanding the actual repayment terms, you will also want to be sure that you are asking for a manageable loan amount. You will likely need to make a down payment of 15% to 35% to secure the loan. But consider the benefits of making a larger down payment if possible to lower the final payment amount for the future. Knowing how much you need to borrow and how much the lender will offer you needs to be balanced with your ability to pay on a monthly basis as well as at the end of the loan term. Planning for the future and that large payment can save you from facing foreclosure, the loss of your property and potentially the loss of your business.

You also need to answer your questions about a time frame for your loan. Knowing that a commercial loan is a long process with many steps can help you to manage your expectations and plan your purchase. There are many documents that you will need to submit to justify your business’s financial position as well as the personal financial footing of all of the owners. In addition, there are several levels of approval that will need to be cleared before the loan is actually completed and you can get your money. Having this information will allow you to plan your purchase and deal with any time constraints that the seller might impose.

Be Ready to Prove Your Business’s Stability

Because there is no government backing for a commercial loan, banks are very strict on their eligibility for commercial real estate loans. They will want to see that your business is established and has been successful for 3 – 5 years. To demonstrate this fact you could be asked to provide leases, asset statements and your original corporate documents to the lender. If the history is not long enough to satisfy the review committee then you could be asked to submit additional business or personal documentation.

Know the Hurdles You Will Face and Be Ready

Once you have answered many of these important questions about the requirements to secure commercial lending and repaying the loan, you will know if you want to proceed with the application. If you are moving forward then you will want to have all of your documents in order to help to speed the process as much as possible. Then with your loan secured you can take the next step and become a commercial property owner.

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