Managing Expectations when applying for a commercial mortgage

If you’ve never gotten a commercial mortgage before you may not know what to expect.

Getting a mortgage for a commercial property can be a bewildering and frustrating process. Don’t expect the process to resemble the application process for a residential mortgage.

Commercial banks are far more conservative in who they give money to and the process will likely take longer than you expect.

You as a borrower should begin the process expecting a lot of scrutiny. Commercial banks are far more risk-averse, because the mortgages they issue are not backed by any government entity. These types of loans often charge more in interest and require higher down payments than their residential counterparts. If you want to get favorable terms on your loan, be prepared to provide a lot of documentation. Have on hand, financial records going back three to five years, lease agreements, incorporation documents and asset statements. Your lender may ask for further documentation but it is important to have these basic documents on hand. This will not only ensure the process goes smoothly, but will also give your lender faith in your ability as a business owner to pay back the loan.

You should also expect to wait a long time before your mortgage is approved and be aware of the loans terms and conditions. Getting a business loan from a bank is a long process. Banks have the most stringent review process of any lending institution. They will thoroughly examine the documentation you provide and it may take several weeks to get a written commitment. Even after a written commitment is provided there is always the danger that the loan can be vetoed afterward, forcing you to start the process all over again. Even if you manage to secure a mortgage, it is not always a matter of paying the mortgage on time. Some lenders may expect you to provide documentation, tax returns, income statements or balance sheets on a regular basis. The lender may stipulate that your business maintains certain financial benchmarks, such as maintaining a positive cash flow during the term of your mortgage. If you fall short of the specific standards and conditions of the mortgage, you may go into default and risk foreclosure.

Putting it all together

Getting a commercial mortgage from a bank is a very different process than getting a residential mortgage. You will be expected to have a lot of money up front. Your financial history will be closely examined. The process is very time-consuming and there are no guarantees. It is important to be aware of these factors before beginning the process. The conditions set by your lender may require you to keep your business operating at a certain standard. If your uncertain as to whether your business can maintain these standards then you may want to look at other options instead of a traditional mortgage. In short, have realistic expectations about the loan approval process and be aware of the conditions of your loan.

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