Real Estate Is Going Up…But Now What? Danger Ahead!

2page_img2-bigFrom the bottom of 2012 Real Estate values in the southwest have been on a steady increase, but will soon………

San Francisco has recovered the most with an average total appreciation rate of 83% since 2012, however other areas have dramatically improved.



                                Average Yearly    Total
    Region/Area        Last 2 Years        Since 2012

    San Francisco           9%                       83%
    Phoenix                    5%                       60%
    Las Vegas                6%                       71%
    Los Angeles             6%                        58%
    San Diego                6%                        55%

Will this trend of the past 5 years continue?  What is lurking on the horizon that can kill the growth and drop us into despair?

My opinion is that the past ups and downs of values were a direct result of our government meddling in our affairs.

1. The crash was a result of our government making it easier for home owners to purchase loans with little concern for their ability to pay.

2. The drop or change in appreciation occurred December 2013 when the government ran out of money and started to argue about increasing the debt limit. (Merry Christmas, do you remember this?)

3. HARP refinance keept a lot of people from foreclosure, if they had equity and a job, but this program is going to end soon.

So what’s the future?

Our government again is quickly running of money and the US Treasury will run dry and be empty and be out of money mid May 2017. Without an increase in the debt limit, we are broke and overdrawn on the checking account. Will Congress and our President come to an agreement to increase the debt limit once again? I Doubt it, based on the current feelings of House and Senate. Democrats hate President Trump, and secretly so do the Republican’s. Everyone is out to get Trump, and if House and Senate can stick a failing economy on the president door step everyone will love it (except for the US consumers).

Have you seen any significant legislation out of the House/Senate since Trump was elected? It seems that the only thing that Trump can do is write executive orders. Trumps number one promise to kill Obama Care failed and is never to be visited again. So what’s next? An agreement on increasing the debt limit? Good luck on that happening.

What’s really surprising is that no one is talking about this soon to be financial disaster. Not on the news, or anywhere. They are too concerned about someone visiting the White House or some other piddly event. The good news is that if we do run out of money, then Obama Care will fail and go away, which is what I think Trump was talking about when he said ‘let it die on its own’. It will be around memorial weekend when the country is broke. Just in time to close all the national parks for the holiday weekend.

So if congress cannot come to an agreement to increase the debt limit the government cannot borrow more money, what are they going to do for money? Will they cut Entitlements, cut Social Security, cut Military Pay, Raise Taxes? If you believe this, you are living in a different reality. If there is no agreement to increase the debt limit; the only way to keep spending and not borrowing is to print more and more money. Which means inflation like we never seen before.


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