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A Quick Look at the
Beretta Nano

Did you know that stacked up against all other Beretta
firearms, the Beretta Nano is the
smallest and most compact? This gives a whole new meaning to the idea of
“concealed” weapons.
The 2012 Beretta Nano
has a removable sub-chassis, its newest feature. Now, the firearm can be
easily modified with replaceable grip frames and can be assembled and
disassembled in a matter of seconds. It only takes a hex wrench and the
magazine release can be used both sides as it contributes to the usability
factor for both right and left-handed users. This feature is fairly rare among
other related pistols.
But that’s not all! The Beretta
comes with the option of including or installing an interchangeable,
luminescent 3 dot system that can be used during the night time or for places
that light is very dim. The user has about 30 minutes of which the light will
last before it goes out. This is very convenient in places with limited

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Have we convinced you yet? Or do you need to hear more about
the Beretta Nano? Any gun enthusiast
would salivate over the new and improved technological features of the Beretta
Similar to the Beretta Storm, the Beretta Nano has been
constantly improved and built upon since 2011. It is a semi-automatic pistol is
a 9mm caliber that impresses with a bang.
This firearm is relatively small, but its small size has its
advantages. It is easy to carry and provides a comfortable grip making it
easier for the handler to operate it. The design also allowed the firearm to be
caught-free, also meaning that it won’t get snagged on anything as easy as
other firearms alike. 
The Beretta Nano is
a simple firearm, yet designed to operate exactly when and where you need it.
Who knew so many advanced features could be crammed into one little gun?
Beretta NANO
Beretta NANO