More Information about the Beretta Storm

The Beretta Storm,
Or, Dare I Say, “The Perfect Storm”

If you know anything about guns, you’ve certainly heard of
Beretta. The Beretta name in firearm manufacturing is the oldest around and has
been the most trusted for over 500 years. Beretta is constantly coming out with
new makes and models and each firearm woos its owner even more than the last.
The Beretta Storm, a
semi-automatic pistol, is fairly new in the Beretta market and is growing in
popularity among gun enthusiasts. This pistol shoots a 9mm caliber cartridge,
and while it is usually intended for law enforcement purposes, it is also great
for personal defense. However, proud owners also use the Beretta Storm for target shooting, hunting, collecting, and showing
off for their friends. This particular firearm is, perhaps, one of the most
widely discussed in the world.
This isn’t just another gun that will come and go. In fact,
the Beretta Storm has many different
features from the previous models. The rounded trigger makes it easier for the
operator to conceal his or her weapon more easily and comfortably. Another
change that has been made to the Beretta
Storm is now that it is more light-weight, it has steel inserts, a modular
trigger group, fully enclosing slide, picatinny rail, and a modifiable
backstrap options for the grip is what separates this gun from previous models.

More Information
about the Beretta Storm

If you’re thinking about a new firearm, think Beretta. And
if you’re thinking Beretta, think Beretta
. With over 500 years of experience, it’s no wonder the Beretta family
has experienced immense success in their industry. They strive to provide
quality and promise to ensure your satisfaction.
The Perfect Storm is for you! The Beretta Storm is fully equipped with state of the art features that
will help improve your overall performance from a shooting point of view. The
gun is surprisingly simple to operate and disassemble.
The front and rear sights are adjust comfortably by only
having to use a 9 hex tool and that’s it. The magazine release button was made
to easily switch from either side so its users can adjust it they way they find
it to be of most comfort.

Have we convinced you yet? The Beretta Storm truly is the perfect storm and it is just waiting to
be added to your collection.

The Beretta Storm