A New Examination of Beretta handgun Safety

beretta handgun – A New Examination of Beretta handgun Safety

After the whole Trayvon Martin incident, it’s important to revisit gun safety laws and guidelines. Accidents and horrible things do happen around guns, but taking them away won’t solve any of these problems. Besides, Americans have the Second Amendment, so it’s better to discuss safety and possible ways to avoid problems in the future than enact a ban that does no good for anyon
beretta handgun is a tool – they aren’t good or evil, anymore than a hammer is good or evil. Hammers have been used to bludgeon people to death before yet no one seems ready to outlaw power tools. Guns serve as a way to protect oneself and also make hunting possible.


These guns are stylish and widely used. In fact, my girlfriend’s dad owns one and if I ever screw her over, he’ll definitely use it on me. That’s self-defense and no jury would convict him. He’d be defending his daughter from a guy who doesn’t always deserve her, so it’d be understandable.
Still, let’s say he had a young child running around the house. He’d want to get a gun safe and a trigger lock for his Beretta 92FS 18100. That way no accidents would occur. Kids think guns are toys because the media is saturated with how cool they are, so until they are of an age where you can take them to the shooting range and show them a beretta handgun has a purpose and can be useful, it’s best to keep them locked up.
But back to Trayvon Martin. The man who shot that kid down is an awful racist and he makes all other gun owners look bad. All the more reason to be safe around handguns.
beretta handgun

beretta handgun