How to Find Texas Private Money Lenders for Real Estate

If you’re getting into real estate investing, establishing ties with people who can fund your deals is essential. A good broker can put you in touch with Texas Private Money Lenders who understand your goals and will contribute to your success.

Real estate investors often turn to alternative forms of financing because they need to move quick on a property or for the easier approval process, and Texas Private Money Lender fall within this subset. As the term implies, Texas Private Money Lenders are not banks, and so they’re not subject to the same lending regulations. That’s why they’re able to get you money faster and can get you approved even if you have rotten credit.

The term is often thought of as synonymous with Texas Hard Money Loans; financing that’s backed by the value of your asset (the property) and your perceived ability to enhance the value, rather than your credit score. Because of this, a fair amount of legwork has to be done before you go looking for financing. Having a good investment property selected, knowing your numbers, and working out a comprehensive timeline and budget should all be taken care of before you approach anyone for funding.

When you’re ready to start exploring real estate funding options, it can be a bit of a challenge to find the right financing team, simply because you’re not really dealing with Goliaths in banking, but regular people who have the means to finance your deal. While you can run searches on Google and check forums, that only gives you a small slice of information, and they may not help you find the right person for your needs.

An Experienced Broker Will Explore Options with You, So You’re More Successful

This is where brokers come in. They handle the networking for you and are familiar with lots of people who help fund real estate deals. Again, as individuals, each person will likely have his or her preferred areas, be it single-family houses, multi-family properties, distressed homes, specific regions, and so forth. Plus, each one will have his own terms too. An experienced broker will match you with the right person. Moreover, he or she will see what you’re bringing to the table and may even help you refine your strategy, so you’re better prepared to make a good pitch, and will ensure you’re getting the best terms possible for your situation.

With the right lending partners, you’ll build relationships and they’ll be there to lend a helping hand anytime you need them.

Both brokers and Texas Private Money Lenders want the most secure investments possible, so once you’ve become established with lending partners, and you’ve had a successful run, they typically want to be part of your future projects. In other words, do your homework first, then connect with an experienced broker, and you’ll always have funding for your real estate deals.

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About the Author: Dennis has been working in the real estate industry in some capacity for the last 40 years. He purchased his first property when he was just 18 years old. He quickly learned about the amazing investment opportunities provided by trust deed investing and hard money loans. His desire to help others make money in real estate investing led him to specialize in alternative funding for real estate investors who may have trouble getting a traditional bank loan. Dennis is passionate about alternative funding sources and sharing his knowledge with others to help make their dreams come true. Dennis has been married to his wonderful wife for 43 years. They have 2 beautiful daughters 5 amazing grandchildren. Dennis has been an Arizona resident for the past 40 years.

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