Hard Money Lenders: What Rehabbers Need to Know

You find a house that you would like to rehab and flip, but you have never done this type of project before. This is what you need to know when considering getting a loan through a hard money lender.

Time is of the essence when purchasing a property. Especially in today’s market when many sellers are faced with multiple offers. It’s important to have a lender you can work with in a moment’s notice and one that you can develop a long-term relationship with. Various lenders have different requirements. Hard money lenders will either loan on appraised value after repairs or others will loan on the purchase price. You want to find the lender that will loan on the appraised value. A breakdown of the fees will be given to you by the lender, some of them are loan points; closing fees that can include escrow amount, document fees and notary fees; and the interest amount.

Once the hard money lender decides to proceed on your opportunity, you will have a response such as: “We will lend you 60% of the ARV (appraised repair value), 5 points, 500 document fees, 6-month balloon payment loan at 10%.”

Assuming the property is appraised at $200,000, then your loan will be 60% or $120,000. Upfront costs are $6,000 points plus $500 doc fees. $1,167.60 is the loan payment until the property is sold or 6 months is up.

The Lending Process

1) Talk to the lender to see what they require and what you will need

2) Find a proper deal and put it under contract

3) Contact the lender again and inform them about the property you found, repair costs and what you think the ARV is

4) Have the appraiser value the property, either from the loan company or a list that the lender has supplied you

5) If the lender requires, place the documents they need in Escrow

6) The lender will inform you if they will or will not fund the loan, at what amount, and under what terms

7) You set the date to close the loan, either at the title company or the lawyer’s office. The loan company will issue the checks. If the buyer has cash coming back, the loan company will issue this check as well

In recapping, a hard money loan can be used to acquire distressed properties. The speed of the loan is much faster than conventional financing, usually 2-3 days compared to 30-60 days.

The hard money loans are for terms of 1 to 5 years with interest rates of between 10% to 20% and points between 4% to 7%. The advantage of using a hard money lender is that there is a low threshold for the securing of the loan. It is based mainly on the property value and not your credit or income. A drawback is that, with some lenders, you will need to have the cash to do the repairs and either flip the house or rent it within 6 months. Contact Level 4 Funding to talk with the people who know how to guide you through the process. It’s important to consult with experts as you move forward, especially if this is your first adventure into rehabbing.

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