Top Things Commercial Lenders Consider When Approving Loans

2page_img1-bigWorking with commercial lenders can seem like a scary thing at first, but if you know how they evaluate your small business for approval, then it isn’t that bad. In fact, the entire process won’t be as stressful!

Commercial lenders take many pieces of information regarding your small business to find out the two main things they want to know for approval. First, they want to know if you are going to be able to repay the loan back and secondly, if you are not going to be able to make payments, what can be collected in return, which is known as collateral.

To start finding these answers, character is often times one of the biggest factors for loan approval. It really doesn’t matter if you have a great deal of cash. Your past financial history will actually say a lot about your character and ability to pay back the loan. Proving that you are able to manage your finances, like by making payments on time, then these are the things that commercial lenders will take into high consideration.

Credit score doesn’t always play a significant part in getting approved or denied, but it is a good idea to try and maintain a credit score of at least 670 to avoid reason for loan denial. A good credit score is going to help back up the fact that you are responsible for your finances.

Commercial lenders not only take credit score, but also collateral into consideration

If you are unable to make payments on your loan for some reason, then collateral is going to be used to repay the loan. Commercial lenders can get a better idea of the value of your assets by reviewing a balance sheet. This can help your small business show your assets and liabilities at an easy glance. Now keep in mind that it is beneficial to have a lot of assets as this will give more reason and a high chance of loan approval.

Detailed personal financial statements are also something commercial lenders are going to take a look at

Personal financial statements are going to come into play because it will give an idea of what type of personal assets you have. Sometimes collateral isn’t the only thing that is going to be used as repayment for a loan that has had missed payments. When obtaining a loan from the Small Business Administration, a personal guarantee requirement is popular. A personal guarantee requirement means that if your business is unable to make payments, then you are personally liable to repay the loan since your business is unable to.

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