A Closer Look At Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities Heading Into 2018

Commercial mortgage-backed securities are still an important part of the real estate industry. Their role has evolved over the past decade, however.

Handsome young man looking confidentlyMortgage-backed securities got a bad rep following the market crash that occurred between 2008-2009. Despite this, commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) have become one of the most important players in the modern commercial real estate industry. Even if you aren’t planning on doing business with a CMBS, it pays to be an informed investor. Understanding how CMBS are performing, as well as how their success or failure impacts the rest of the industry (and visa versa) is invaluable information regardless of what your company’s plans for real estate investment.

The following is a quick overview of how CMBS are currently performing and where we can expect them to be as we head into next year. Be sure to take this information into account as your company plans its real estate investment strategy for 2018. Poor planning can result in wasted capital and minimized return on your company’s investment.

● Experts No Longer Expect CMBS To Collapse – One major fear regarding CMBS over the past few years has revolved around as 10-year maturity dates, taken out in 2007 and set to be paid in 2017. An massive acceleration of declines was expected to send the market spiraling out of control. So far, this hasn’t happened yet.

Instead, the Mortgage Banker Association reported that defaults more or less leveled out across the first quarter of 2017, reports RE Journal. How did the industry avert disaster? It turned out that many of the properties headed for delinquency in 2017 were sold or foreclosed on years earlier. In essence, the market corrected for itself, spreading out the spike in delinquencies across half a decade rather than imploding dramatically this year. This is fantastic news for investors, as stability encourages the entire market to spend more aggressively.

● Issuances Of New Capital Are On The Decline – While it seems that CMBS have averted a long expected crisis, these financial institutions do face some major challenges. First and foremost, the rate of new commercial mortgage issuances continues to lag far behind the market’s performance in 2007. Compared to the approximately $229 billion in loans secured in 2007, just about $70 billion of issuances are expected to be written by the end of 2017, said the National Association of Realtors. Increased competition from new types of lender has made life difficult for CMBS. Thankfully, the market remains dynamic, providing opportunities for innovative CMBS to thrive.

Find Out More About The Latest Real Estate Industry Area Trends In Your Area Before Making A Move

Hopefully this overview of commercial mortgage-backed mortgages acts a reminder for real estate investors: You never know when you’ll need to change up your strategy to keep pace with the market.

Staying up to date with all the latest developments in the dynamic commercial real estate market can be tough without help.

Keep up to date with this blog, review other online resources or reach out to your local private commercial lending expert if you have more questions about CMBS or other aspects of commercial real estate.

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