Micro-loans: The Help You Need?

how to get rid of a timeshare  19Micro-loans are small loans often issued by non-profit community development organizations. Micro-loans are an excellent option for new business owners who are passionate about their idea, but who may not qualify for financing elsewhere.

The Small Business Administration defines a micro-loan as a commercial loan for less than 50,000 dollars. They are often issued SBA backed organizations, however not all micro-lenders are sponsored by the SBA.

Micro-loans usually have less stringent qualifications than traditional loans. They can be an excellent source of financing for business owners without good credit or collateral. Micro-lenders are generally not for profit organizations, seeking to develop businesses within their communities. Often these organizations are looking for a good idea instead of a good credit score. These organizations invest time and energy in supporting borrowers in order to help them develop their businesses. They may even go so far as to contact a borrowers personal references in order to help them qualify. This personal touch means micro-loans may be easier to qualify for than traditional financing.

Micro-loans are also relatively inexpensive compared to other types of start-up financing. Interest rates are generally between 5 and 18 percent. Micro-lenders also offer educational resources. SBA backed micro-lenders must offer training for borrowers in subjects like money management and business planning. These educational resources can translate into long term success for new businesses.

Micro-loans present the opportunity to new business owners to secure the financing they need, learn strategies for long term success and improve their business credit score.

As borrowers pay down the balance of their micro-loan they build up their businesses credit score. This improvement can help new businesses qualify for more traditional financing in the future. This coupled with the education micro-lenders offer helps ensure new businesses succeed. All these factors translate into micro-loans being an excellent type of commercial loan for new business owners.

Micro-lenders offer a personalized approach not often found at traditional banks. The loans themselves are inexpensive compared to other types of financing available to new businesses . Education helps new businesses plan for future success. Above all micro-loans present the opportunity for new business owners to build their business credit score.

Micro-loans may be the safest type of commercial loan available to new business owners.

If your uncertain about the nuances of starting or running a business, but a have a great idea, a micro loan may be right for you. The education offered by micro-lenders will potentially equip you with knowledge and strategies for long term success. The borrower-focused approach of these organizations means micro-loans may be easier to qualify for than other types of financing. Above all getting a micro-loan gives you the opportunity to build credit and can help you avoid pursuing more expensive methods of start-up financing.

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