How can school zones affect your business as a California hard money lender?

There are many things that can influence the real estate market. One of the biggest is often the school zones that are surrounding the area of property that you want to use. As a California hard money lender you should always be looking at the school zones of potential investments. They could have negative or positive affects in the long run.

When trying to find the best places to settle down and live for the next 10 to 15 years there are many things that have to be taken into consideration. Finding the right school district is one of those things. No, it may not matter to those people looking to retire, however, if they plan on selling the home or land down the line it may behoove them to live in a good district. Some people will argue that living in a “good” school district has little to do with education. This can be true, however, even if your child would be getting the same education elsewhere there are more likely better resources.

When you are looking at property based on the school districts you have to look at it on a grand scale. People are not just getting a better education for their children they are essentially getting a better life in the long run. On paper, better schools mean a better area to live in; which in turn means a better life for your family. For a California hard money lender this means more business with more affluent people. Say, for example, you are lending an investor a loan to fix and flip a home in San Clemente and the home is within a fairly decent school district. This could potentially lead to you being able to help more people move into the city.

As a California hard money lender having your business focus on school districts could be beneficial.

Now when you want to build your clientele and business you should always be looking for an advantage over your competition this would be the best place to start. One of the biggest reasons is because of the way that people are. Those 20-year-old young adults will eventually become parents; with the mindset that this area will most likely be their home for a while. Eventually once that time is up they are going to sell that home or store front to another person that wants the same as them. It spawns a revolving door for potential borrowers in the neighborhoods that you want your business in.

Can a bad school zones affect California hard money lenders?

To keep it short, yes, bad school districts can affect California hard money lenders. There has to be a negative with every positive and bad school districts can have adverse effects if not handled properly. Property near a lower quality school district could potentially mean that less people will be moving in and less structures are being built. In the long run it could mean less people in the community and less revenue.

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