Commercial Bridge Loan: How to Evaluate the Pros and Cons

You are more than
likely aware of your commercial short-term financing options and how they can
help you achieve your long-term goals at this point. Nevertheless, if you are
leaning towards a commercial bridge loan,
make sure you weigh all the pros and cons before making your final decision.
The commercial bridge loans are a lot of things. For instance,
these particular kind loans may be just what you need for your future endeavor,
they can be the capital you were hoping for and they can help you realize your
investment goals in record time. But, for all the good that comes with
commercial short-term financing, there are still a few minor disadvantages and
one major disadvantage to this particular kind of commercial financing.
In fact, the story always starts out the same. So often you will
see a bright, business savvy person with a great investment plan get a commercial bridge loan without weighing
the pros and the cons. Consequently, their great investment can easily blow up
in their face because they did not truly take the time to consider one of the
biggest disadvantages—larger or rather costly regular payments. Sure, this
business savvy individual more than likely was aware that short-term financing
is just that short-term and with all things short-term there tends to be a
price. But, like most people, this bright, savvy business person simply did not
realize exactly how short-term affects the repayment process.
Additionally, most commercial bridge loan lenders are simply not
flexible with it comes to delayed or delinquent payments. This means before you
know it you could be struggling to pay late payments, penalties, and even
larger loan fees. You may even think well making sure you have permanent
financing lined up will ensure that you won’t end up owning an absorbent amount
of money on regular basis. Well, of course, long-term financing that is readily
available will help solve this problem, but long-term financing that isn’t
quite yet available means you still incur interest (high interest) on your
commercial bridge loan in the meantime.

Beyond the

commercial bridge loan
So at this point you are probably wondering—well if bridge loans
have the ability to turn into a financial nightmare, why are they still so
popular in the investment property industry? Well, as previously mentioned,
when handled right, bridge loans can ultimately help get the job done.
Moreover, most lenders allow their borrowers to choose from several repayment
options. Thus, if you take the time thoroughly think through your current and
future financial situation, your plans for your commercial property as well as
just how you plan to pay your loan back in full then a bridge loan isn’t a
nightmare waiting to happen.  

come true when you think things through

Ultimately, as previously mentioned, short-term financing may be
just what you need to get your next business venture going. But, it is always
in your best interest to look at a commercial bridge loan or any other kind of short-term
financing from every possible angle to ensure that you are not putting yourself
in a worse position than you started out in.

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