Beretta Firearms has been around for… long as I can remember.

Beretta Firearms has been around for… long asI can remember.

Since 1526, Beretta Firearms has been
manufacturing and selling firearms and items related to that nature. Hard to
believe, huh?  This makes it the most
active Firearm manufacturer of all time. A gunsmith by the name of Maestro
Bartolomeo Beretta of Gardone Val Trompia recorded the first transaction of
currency for firarms. One of the most amazing facts about this company is that
Beretta Firearms have always been owned by the same owner for over 500 years!
Can you think of any companies who have been in business for that long? I
surely can’t. The fact of the matter is that are really good at what they do
and they know the business as well as most people out there.
Beretta Firearms played a big role in both World
War I and World War II. Since Beretta was started and operated in Italy, it
only made sense that they provided their weapons of war to Italy and their
allied forces. It wasn’t until 1943 when they were seized by German forces did
they allow Germany and the rest of the Axis powers to possess Beretta

Beretta Firearms as of today.

The owner of Beretta today is a man by the name of Ugo
Gussalli Beretta and also by his sons, Franco and Pietro. It is important to
point out that Ugo is a direct descendant of Bartolomeo, the original owner of
Beretta. Now that’s impressive! You don’t see very many companies who stick to
that kind of game plan. In the late 1980’s, Beretta has acquired some domestic
companies such as Benelli and Franchi as well as some foreign companies. BerettaFirearms continues this day to be a powerful force in the firearm industry.
You can find nearly any kind of firearm at Beretta. They
make handguns (both revolvers and semi-automatics, and machine pistols), high
powered rifles, shotguns, automatics, and launchers. Beretta conducts business
internationally and has many markets in which trade is performed.