Showing off your new Beretta NEOS

Showing off your new Beretta NEOS.


– You’ve been searching for a new gun for months, because, hey, you’re an avid gun collector and you want something different, something fantastic, something to spice up your otherwise boring collection. So try the Beretta Neos – it may look like something from Star Trek or that NES Duck Hunt game so popular 30 years ago, but don’t be deceived. This gun is a deadly force to be reckoned with.
Beretta took the venerable .22 caliber training pistol—default option Ruger Mark III or Colt Woodsman—and made it look like something for taking out Adhar Ru’afo.
For the price you’ll pay, you’re getting a high quality Beretta handgun, just like all their other products. And form does all function in this particular case. The Beretta NEOS 10-round magazine features a small indentation slot so .22 can drop in easy.
But the best way to show it off is to get a transparent gun holder, perhaps one manufactured with silicon. This will make you look that much more like an alien time traveler from 2050 or RoboCop. No one will want to mess with you. It’s more than just a Beretta firearm – it’s a fashion statement.

The new Berretta NEOS

The Beretta NEOS even comes in a case that looks like it dropped off a piece of the International Space Station. The grips are specially made of a rugged fiberglass and everything else on the gun feels solid. This is the next generation of guns, just like Mustang was the next generation of sports car way back in the ‘60s. Someday, all guns will look this wild and crazy.


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