How to Find Commercial Texas Hard Money Lenders That Are the Real Deal

There are lots of commercial Texas Hard Money Lenders, but not all can become real contributors to your success. Learn how to evaluate your options, so you can get funded fast and have a great experience.

Step 1: Watch the language. Finding people who promise you the sun, moon, and stars? That’s a warning sign. Yes, you can get funded even if you have rotten credit and you can get a substantial sum too, but if the company is veering from industry standards by promising you all the money you need with no down and interest rates well below average, they’re probably wasting your time.

Step 2: Do some research. Find out what the company’s track record is like and if they have a strong history of helping people like you. They may be great to work with, but if they don’t typically have involvement in your industry, it’s going to be harder to get funded.

Step 3: Find out the terms in advance. If you’re working with a reputable company, chances are they’ll have lots of information on their website about the process and what they offer. Look for pages that give overviews about the types of projects they fund and the rates they offer. Beware of barren websites. Commercial Texas Hard Money Lenders that are well-established and have created a successful businesses will have sites packed with information that make it easy to understand what you’re getting into before you reach out to them directly.

Know the Differences Between Industry Standards and Fluff

Chances are, you will have to put some skin in the game. Anywhere between 50-90% LTV is considered standard. That means you can expect to receive funds equal to somewhere between 50% and 90% of the asset you’re leveraging. In other words, if you’re purchasing real estate valued at $100,000, you won’t get more than $90,000. Some commercial Texas Hard Money Lenders use ARV, which is “after repair value.” If this figure is used, expect the percentage available to be much lower. It’s also worth noting that one of the key benefits of working with alternative lenders is that they can lend a helping hand when bank financing is not an option, but no company can help every single person who applies. Some simply don’t have sound strategies or haven’t evaluated the risks and profit margins well enough. Don’t buy into the hype if a company says they can help everyone. They can’t, and if they did, they’d be out of business fast.

A good lending team is there when you need them.

When commercial Texas Hard Money Lenders care about you, they value your time and work diligently. You should expect prompt responses, answers to your questions, and people who are more than willing to see that you get the best rates possible for your situation. They will help you identify issues with your approach and will find ways to assist, even if you have rotten credit or haven’t been in business for long.

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