Get an Arizona Cannabis Business Loan and Break Into the Marijuana Industry

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you know that the cannabis industry has been exploding in this country. If you’re interested in cashing in on this burgeoning business, you’ll need to get an Arizona Cannabis Business Loan to do it. Here’s how.

Medical and recreational cannabis use is becoming more and more ubiquitous (and legal). In North America, it was a $9.2-billion industry in 2017 and is expected to hit an astronomical $47.3 billion within 10 years. That would put it above McDonald’s, Netflix and Oreos. Combined. It’s a relatively brand-new business but people with a pioneering spirit who get in on the ground floor may be able to take advantage of that tremendous growth.

And, contrary to popular belief, the cannabis industry isn’t all about helping people get high. Some proprietors only sell to medical patients who use it to manage pain or stimulate appetite while they battle disease. CBD, an extract that contains no psychoactive substances (especially THC, the compound that makes marijuana get you high) has shown incredible promise in combating anxiety and preventing epileptic seizures.

So, there’s tons of upside here. But since the industry is so new and the legalities are sometimes gray, it can seem like the wild west out there, especially when it comes to getting funding.

Getting Funding for a Cannabis Business

Whether it’s recreational, medicinal, or CBD, if you’re thinking about opening a cannabis dispensary, you’ll need to secure funding to get off the ground. Some lenders are reticent to lend funds because they feel the risk is high. However, there are plenty of firms out there that are willing to take the risk because they believe in the industry. Some traditional financial institutions will do it, but just like home loans, you’ll be asked to jump through hoops, open yourself up to scrutiny, and sometimes downright beg to get the money you need. If you’d rather not go through that ordeal, you may want to consider a private money Arizona Cannabis Business Loan.

Direct Hard Money Private Cannabis Lenders

Private Money Lender can get you an Arizona Cannabis Business Loan, and for some people, this may be a better option. A Colorado Hard Money Loan is secured by collateral so there’s no long, drawn-out process in which your life is picked apart ad nauseam. And, you can get your funds in a matter of weeks, not months. Why delay your dreams? Call today and find out how much you can get to start your cannabis business!

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