Why You Should Repair Your Credit Score to Obtain Commercial Loans

If you can rebuild your credit score, you have a much higher chance of getting approved for commercial loans. Most lenders want to see a clean credit history and a high credit score, so Level 4 Funding offers ways to build and restore your credit to help you get the loan you need.

Before you can repair your credit, you need to know what state it’s in. First, obtain your current credit report from one of the three recognized credit bureaus. You should be patient and take plenty of time to review your credit report and history. You should also look at your previous business patterns and habits. Do you continue to make the same bad decisions? If you can recognize a pattern with the way you handle your finances, you can change your habits for the better… and begin to improve your credit score. If you have less than desirable credit, it’s going to be a lot tougher to obtain approval for commercial loans, so you should really put all your effort in here. You need to take some time to review your credit history by obtaining your report from one of the three recognized credit bureaus. Really scrutinize your business habits that have led you to earn less than desirable credit. Seeing the report can also help you recognize how you can break these patterns so you can make progress towards improving your credit.

Yes, most people in America have debt and it’s okay — and even good — to have some debt. But too much is… too much. It will make lenders wary about your ability to pay back their loan, and that’s not good when it comes to trying to get loan approval. Try to pay down debts and the amount you owe as much as possible. Take a close look at your financials, your budget and figure out how you can tighten things up so you don’t have to get too far into debt. You can also consider having all your outstanding credit combined onto one card to you can consolidate payments and perhaps even negotiate a better interest rate for your commercial loans. Having just one payment can help you keep track of on-time payments as well.

If you have good business relationships with your suppliers and vendors talk to them about your loan plans and ask them to make a report on your behalf. Make sure you make timely payments to supplier and vendors because being in good standing can help your credit score improve.

If you have any unused, paid off accounts, closing them can affect your credit score too – this can improve your chances of getting approved for your commercial loans needs.

Once again, review your finances, see which accounts you have paid off but that are still open and then for any of those that you are no longer using, send a request letter for those to be closed. You can ask for a return letter from the creditor that proves your account balance is zero and that the account is now closed.

It’s not a quick route to perfect (or near perfect credit).

The bottom line is it takes time to build or repair your credit. However, it’s a lot easier to secure commercial loans via traditional lenders if you have stellar credit. Ultimately, it will benefit you and your business, as you will be in a better position to negotiate better rates. Making some big changes in the way you handle your business finances is a must when repairing poor credit. Start small and make little changes that will eventually pay off in a big way. It’s not impossible and though it may take some time, it is worth it once you’ve got your credit on track and you are able to move head with your business with a loan that you secured with your new high credit score!

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