Defining Working Capital Commercial Loans and Their Good and Bad

Do you wish you could obtain working capital commercial loans to help your business? Level 4 Funding shares the pros and cons of these loans.

The amount of cash a company has to cover standard business operational needs like employee payroll, rent, monthly utilities, paying vendor and more is called “working capital.” Working capital can really come in handy if a new or growing business hits a slow patch or is having growing pains while expanding. Without an extra cushion of working capital to cover these everyday expenses, a company could go out of business or have to file bankruptcy or foreclose on their property. So working capital commercial loans really can be the difference between your company’s success and its downfall.

Working capital loans have lots of benefits. They generally have a very quick approval process, which means you can receive the money you need often inside of a week after the loan is approved. Unlike other types of conventional loans from traditional lenders, there are no stipulations on how the funds from the loan are used. The application process is not as complex as others can be and even if companies don’t have perfect credit or are still establishing credit history, they can still have a chance of getting approved for these types of commercial loans.

There are some drawbacks to these loans, as well, that lendees should know about. For example, due to the fact that they are bit more lenient in some ways, such as credit check and application process approval, these loans typically require that borrowers to put up a specific amount of collateral to obtain the loan. Because they have shorter terms, working capital commercial loans also have higher interest rates than longer-term loans from conventional banks’ repayment schedules.

These loans are ideal for businesses that aren’t “typical” and therefore don’t usually have an easy time getting loan approval from other lenders.

Sometimes lenders require the funding to be used in a certain way (such as for equipment like machinery or computers). But because working capital loans don’t, this can be beneficial for companies that don’t need equipment or small or new businesses that could really use the cash to get up and running or through a difficult patch when cash flow is tight. This is also great for niche companies that need supplies or equipment that doesn’t fall in the typical range of what traditional lenders recognize.

If you need cash and you need it now, this is the type of loan for you — and there are lots of lenders that specialize in this exact type of loan.

It’s important to work with a trusted and experienced lender — regardless of the type of loan you need.

Regardless of your business status, credit history or any other factor, it’s important to deal with a lender that you trust to get you the best loan for your needs with the best terms. Do some research on local lenders in your area that specialize in these loans and don’t assume the first lender you meet with will be the right one. Be patient and don’t jump into this important decision too quickly.

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