Benefits of Non-Recourse Commercial Loans

There are many options to explore when seeking commercial loans. One of the factors which can reduce personal liability and risk of assets is a non-recourse loan.

As you begin to explore the options for commercial loans you will quickly find that there are two main categories for these loans, recourse and non-recourse. The more common of the two is the recourse loan which requires the borrower or borrowers to personally sign as the guarantor of the loan. This simply means that in the event of business failure or inability of the business to make the loan payments for any reason, then the guarantor is personally responsible to make the payments. Obviously, this presents a significant personal financial risk to the guarantor.

Non-recourse commercial loans do not require the borrowers to become personal guarantors of the loan. Therefore, these loans do not require the risk of the personal assets of the borrowers. This is one of the biggest advantages for any borrower. Knowing that a business failure means the loss of income is bad enough but to also be faced with the responsibility of personal liability on a commercial loan can be devastating. No business owner ever chooses to take out a loan which they believe the business will default on but there is always that rare possibility, and the added stress of personal liability. But a non-recourse loan eliminates that stress and potential issue.

An additional benefit is that non-recourse loans are assumable. This can be a huge advantage if you plan to sell the property in a few years or if a situation changes and you need to sell the property quickly. Currently, commercial lending rates are very favorable, but they are expected to increase. So the current loan rate is likely to be much lower than a rate which will be offered on a loan in a few years. So when you do decide to sell the property, you have the ability to offer to have the buyer assume your loan. This will be a great incentive for the buyers as the interest rate could be significantly lower than the current rate.

The Perfect Non-Recourse Loan Candidate

Non-recourse loans are most often used to purchase properties which provide a strong cash flow as the property is the only collateral. This means that even if the property is not the more visually appealing or if it needs a face lift, it could still be a candidate for a non-recourse loan. The critical factor is the cash flow. As long as the property is generating 1.25 times the proposed payment of the loan then lenders will be eager to offer this financing solution.

Great Benefits if the Fit is Right

Non-recourse commercial loans can offer a huge benefit for the right borrower and the right commercial property. Knowing that the property does generate a strong and steady cash flow allows the borrower to get a great loan and rate without having to personally guarantee the loan in the event of a business failure. It also provides added benefits to the borrower when it is time to sell the building by allowing the buyer to take advantage of a lower interest rate on the assumed loan.

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