Different Types of Hard Money Commercial Loans

4page_img6-bigHard money commercial loans are a common go-to among developers and contractors for a variety of projects. These types of loans are often quick to both approval and funding, making them the perfect loan when capital is required in less than a week.

Developers and contractors use these types of loans to fund numerous projects including multifamily, industrial, office space, fix and flip, or buy and hold properties. In the present lending environment, underwriting standards are tightening and, when loans are approved, they are often for less than the total capital required to complete the project in its entirety. When developers opt to accept this type of funding, they are often left scrambling for additional capital part-way through the development. Not a good scenario.

Hard money commercial loans are different from traditional loans in that they are based on the hard-asset of the project, or other collateral, and can offer less stringent underwriting standards as well as increased loan-to-value ratios. Some hard money lenders will provide loans based on the after-repair-value, though these are more difficult to come by as the lender assumes greater risks. Some hard money lenders will even provide financing for the rehab costs, a practice that portends an even greater risk and therefore is also associated with a higher interest rate.

In order to obtain a hard money commercial loan, you need to have a plan, an exit strategy which shows how you intend to pay back the loan, and a bit of skin in the game. This ensures that you, as the developer, have something to lose as well and will, therefore, do all that you can to ensure the plans, building or renovation, go accordingly and to budget. There are always those surprises that almost every development faces, but even those are considered among experienced contractors.

How Quick Can I Obtain Capital with a Hard Money Loan?

Because most hard money commercial loans are funded by private investors or small groups, the time to funding varies dramatically. In most instances, funding is fairly rapid. Be sure to come equipped with your plans, budget and permits. If you are looking for funding for a fix and flip, demonstrate your knowledge in the market you’re choosing as well as construction and real estate protocol. If you have a weak spot in this area, it’s important that you show a lender that you have a team of experts to make up for any areas that you lack in experience. For instance, if you are not remodeling savvy, what construction company are you partnering with? If you are weak in defining markets and comps as well as marketing to potential buyers, who is the real estate agent that you are working with?

At Level 4 Funding, we work with hundreds of private hard money lenders that provide commercial loans for all types of projects.

We offer interest-only payments and short term loans anywhere from 3 months to 5 years. We do not put as much emphasis on your credit report and can often say “Yes!” when banks have said “No.”

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