Hard Money Commercial Loans

Arizona-Home-Loan-Team-Matt-and-Judy-Callahan-300x199When traditional loans are unavailable or will take too long to complete, hard money commercial loans will often suit the needs of borrowers quite nicely. Because they are easier to obtain for borrowers who do not qualify for traditional loans because of their credit, these loans are often an excellent short-term solution.

If you are a commercial developer and have recently hit a rough patch in terms of your personal or business credit, it is still very possible to obtain a loan to improve your properties or even purchase new ones. Hard money commercial loans have been filling in the gaps where traditional lending outlets have been failing.

These loans are typically financed at a higher interest rate, but they also have much lower requirements than traditional lender. Often, they do not even require the borrower to be credit worthy at all. Instead, the lenders will look at the value of the property itself. The lender will use the value of a potential resale of your commercial property as security toward the loan. That way, if something were to go wrong with the hard money commercial loan, they know that they could at least recuperate some of their investment by selling your property.

Another important aspect of these loans is that they are typically much shorter terms than a traditional loan. While the exact timeline of each loan is going to be different, and up for negotiation with the lender, most hard money commercial loans fall under three years. The most common timeframe, however, is right around a year. For smart developers, this is plenty of time to put that money to use, turn a profit and quickly pay it back. When done correctly, using a commercial loan in this way is essentially using someone else’s money to boost your revenue stream.

One characteristic of a loan of this type is the large balloon payment that is due at the end of the term. Many commercial loans offer terms that will allow a borrower to only pay interest during the term of the loan, with the balance then being due in full in one large payment at the end of the term. This allows for a borrower to utilize the entire amount of the loan and gives the borrower plenty of time to increase their revenue stream to cover the expense further down the road. However, this has the potential to be dangerous is the borrower runs into trouble.

What are the benefits of hard money commercial loans to the borrower?

Even though you are going to pay more in interest with a loan of this type, the true strength of it lies in the speed at which it is available, as well as the ease of securing one for all types of borrowers. While traditional loans can take weeks or months to acquire, hard money commercial loans can often be settled within a week. This allows for borrowers to be able to capitalize on opportunities that arise or to quickly access funds for the improvement of a property.

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