Offices in Texas are Going Green and Texas Commercial Loans are Available for These Projects

4page_img7-bigMore offices in Texas are going green than ever before, in part due to the Millennial generation. Because of their popularity, a variety of Texas commercial loans are available for these types of projects.

In 2018, San Antonio will be home to the Cavender Office Project, a 140,000 sq. ft. office development that is calling itself a sustainable and walkable urban project. It will include 125,000 sq. ft. of office space and 15,000 sq. ft. of retail space and is considered, in some ways, the first of its kind in Texas. Instead of using traditional steel and concrete material, they will be using timber to construct much of the building and create a walkable area between old and new buildings.

Creating sustainable office space has been on the rise. Much of this is due to the Millennials—the generation that is roughly defined as those that were born between 1977 and 1995—who have surpassed the baby boomers to become the largest population in the U.S. workforce. This generation typically looks for businesses that give back to their community and have a social conscious. They consider a balanced life first and foremost and appreciate companies that place health and fitness as an integral part of their employee’s amenities, including a healthy workplace. They are, ever so gently, changing the face of America’s office and corporate structure.

You could say that the “green scene” is taking over Texas as well, at least parts of Texas. St. Edward’s University in Austin is committed to maintaining a sustainable campus and to this end was built with eco-friendly construction material. Watters Creek, a mixed-use development in Allen, Texas incorporated a large creek-side village green and is LEED certified which means that is has incorporated sustainable practices in the building of the development including the use of eco-friendly construction materials and maintaining a good indoor-air quality through ventilation and use of low VOC materials.

When Swinerton Builders, a company in Austin, Texas, decided to relocate, it opted to create an office environment with the goal of achieving LEED Gold certification. In order to accomplish this, it was built with reclaimed oak, hemlock and pine and contains furniture with recycled content. All lighting is LED and all finish materials are low VOC. The large windows allow natural light to diffuse through them and the open space aesthetics provides the kind of work environment that promotes interaction. Because of their popularity, there are several possibilities when obtaining Texas commercial loans for these types of projects.

Obtaining LEED Certification

If you’re considering getting into the lucrative real estate development known as sustainable office buildings, getting your buildings LEED certified is a step in the right direction. There are five areas to consider when obtaining this certification: the use of sustainable, eco-friendly materials for construction, the use of energy efficient lighting and HVAC systems, indoor air quality and use of windows for diffuse lighting as well as water conservation mechanisms.

Financial benefits include tax incentives, availability of Texas commercial loans, and tenants that will pay extra for a “green” building.

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