The Dark Side Of Commercial Real Estate Loans In Texas – What are the Drawbacks Investing?

iStock_000002512608_LargeIf investing in commercial real estate properties were easy and a sure thing, then everyone would be able to do it successfully. However, there is a tremendous amount of risk inherent in pursuing commercial real estate loans in Texas, considering the number of factors that are outside of the control of the investor.

There are most definitely opportunities present for anyone to get involved in commercial real estate. So why doesn’t everyone do it? Because for every reward, there is also a great deal of risk. Only those who are able to manage the risks, while capitalizing on the rewards are going to be successful in putting a commercial real estate loan to work for them with an investment property.

One of the biggest drawbacks of pursuing and following through with a commercial real estate loan and the property that will be acquired with it is the time that the owner is going to have to commit. With a commercial property, you are going to be dealing with many different leases of different time frames and terms, shared areas that are the responsibility of the owner, and an image to uphold. All of this takes a tremendous amount of time and energy. If a borrower has never owner commercial property before, the amount of time it takes for even the simplest of maintenance tasks is most likely to surprise.

Another hurdle that investors and owners will need to overcome with commercial property is the realization that it is impossible to do it all yourself. With the amount of maintenance, as well as their complexity, an owner is going to need commercially certified professionals. This often comes as a surprise to many owners who like to take care of things themselves. Not only does this establish a further layer of liability protection, but it will also save time. Just because you have the commercial real estate loan on the property does not mean that you should try to save on costs by lowering maintenance standards.

Commercial properties are also different than residential properties and this can be a drawback for investors that are not properly prepared for what that means as far as foot traffic is concerned. The reality is that the volume of people coming in and out of a commercial property is much greater than in a residential property. While this might seem like a no brainer, the implication is that the potential for damage to the property or to those who frequent it go up significantly. Everything from a minor accident in the parking lot to a significant injury to a patron has the potential to happen. This additional risk is often not realized by potential owners until it is too late.

Are there ways to mitigate the risks associated with my commercial real estate loan and commercial property in Texas?

Each state handles the issue of insurance differently, so it is critical to understand what the local laws are in regard to liability, maintenance fees and licensing. The last thing you want to have happen is to lose your livelihood and open yourself up to a lawsuit over something that you did not know was an issue. The best way to lower the risk and overcome these draw backs is to seek the advice and help of someone who has dealt in commercial real estate and commercial real estate loans before.


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