Commercial Loans In Texas – What You Need To Know About Working With the SBA-Part 2 – Eligibility

Arizona Home Loan Mortgage BrokerSeeking funding for any commercial enterprise, whether it be real estate or business expansion, can be a confusing endeavor. There are so many different options that it is hard to know where to begin or to determine which is the best for you. So how do you know if seeking a commercial loan through the Small Business Administration in Texas is right for you?

Knowing what you are getting into before you begin the application process with the Small Business Administration (SBA) is very important, as the application process for a commercial loan is very arduous. The good news is that, if all else fails, you can consult a lender and ask them questions about SBA loans.

One of the ways that the Small Business Administration is able to work with small business owners is by partnering with lenders. The SBA does not directly lend the funds to small businesses, but they work with banks and other lenders to not only find the correct fit for a small business, but also to underwrite a portion of the commercial loan. This takes away a great deal of the risk from the lenders and enables them to be more flexible in their offerings. Because the Federal government is taking on a portion of the risk, lenders are able to grant loans to small businesses and individuals that would otherwise not meet their criteria.

Because of this, however, lenders are the ones to set the interest rate and it might vary from lender to lender. While this can be confusing, if a borrower is organized and detailed oriented, this will not be a problem.

Even still, not all businesses are eligible for a loan through the Small Business Administration. Because of the risk that the government is undertaking, there are additional requirements from the SBA. Lenders might also have a list of requirements (even if they are lowered from a traditional loan). Some of the basic requirements from the Small Business Administration in lending commercial loans are: the business must be “for profit,” the business must be of a certain size, and the business must be able to show that they will be capable of paying back the loan. A much more subjective requirement is that the business must have “reasonable” equity from the owner or partners.

Not every business is able to obtain a loan from the Small Business Administration. For example, even if a small business meets all of the requirements but is a financial institution or a certain type of insurance provider, they are automatically ineligible for any loan through the SBA.

What if I still don’t know if I am eligible to receive a commercial loan from the SBA for my business ventures in Texas?

If you have looked at all of the requirements and still have some confusion about if you are eligible, the best thing to do is to simply ask. It would be an absolute waste of time to go through the extensive process of applying for a commercial loan through the SBA, only to find out that you were not eligible from the start.


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