In the World of Texas Commercial Real Estate–Austin has been named America’s Number One Non-Gateway City

4page_img2-bigTexas commercial real estate investors are turning their attention to non-gateway cities. Austin has just been named the number one non-gateway city for Texas commercial real estate investors.

A gateway city is defined as a primary arrival and departure point into a country such as an airport or a seaport. In terms of commercial real estate, it usually defines the big and the bold—and is represented by cities such as San Francisco and New York. But these larger than life cities are currently facing some challenges due to over-supply and low yields. When the subprime mortgage crisis changed the face of the nation, real estate investors first returned to those markets that yielded the best ROI and had strong demand. Because of this, these types of markets are becoming oversaturated and investors are turning their attention to non-gateway cities.

Non-gateway cities that seem to be the hot spots for commercial real estate investing include Phoenix, Denver, Portland—Oregon, that is—Charlotte, Raleigh, Nashville and Atlanta. According to the global law firm DLA Piper’s State of the Market Survey, Austin recently came out as the top non-gateway city in America for Texas commercial real estate investing—quite an achievement for a town whose population falls under 1 million. It does have all the attributes that investors look for including a strong job market, growing population, educated demographics and/or a strong industrial sector. Now could very well be the time to get into this burgeoning non-gateway market while it is till attractively priced and supply has not overshot demand.

According to the Austin Board of Realtors, “Central Texas housing market sees record-breaking 2017 summer selling season.” The sales of single-family homes in the city of Austin jumped over 6 percent year-over-year. And in the five-county area, home sales topped $1 billion in a single month. The median price continues to rise as well and came in at approximately $361,000 in the city of Austin in August and $300,000 in all five counties. Currently, there does not appear to be an increase in supply to the extent that it has started affecting prices, leaving investors confident in a high yield that is difficult to obtain in some of the gateway cities.

Hot Texas Commercial Real Estate Investments in Austin

So just which markets are investors turning to? As evidenced by the numbers, single family homes seem to be a lucrative venture. Multifamily units also seem to be a hot market and as more and more businesses continue to make Austin their home, the need for these types of properties should continue to ensure optimum occupancy and good rental rates. After all, people always need a place to live which makes these types of investments fairly stable if purchased in the right areas. And, while investments in retail have been a little bit rocky lately, secondary markets still seem to offer relative value due to job growth and a lower cost of living than the gateway cities.

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