My mother said to keep my mouth shut and don’t cause problems.

iStock_000067965589_XXX small (1)At the men’s bible study on Friday someone ask why I looked depressed.

I told them I was frustrated, and what I did for a living and how the job was going.

They asked what was causing all of the frustration, and seemed very concerned about my wellbeing and wanted to reach out and help.  How can we help? You know, we a small group and we help one another!

I said it was because a lot of conversations I’ve had with potential borrowers resulted in them having a poor credit score and I could not help them.

Then I made this comment:

As Christians we should all have 800+ FICO Scores.

We’re not good Christians if we have poor credit scores.

Man that was a big mistake to say that!
Why did I not just keep my mouth shut?

It appears that a lot of Christians have poor credit scores.  The exact opposite of what I thought.

And, man, dude did I just piss off a lot of men in the group and now they were all out to get me!

Oh no!  Big mistake, so I started to back pedal and try to recover from this blunder and defuse the issue, but of course being the dummy I am, I opened my mouth and I made my second biggest stupid comment.

Well, true, Credit Score is an indication of credit worthiness but
really the score is an indication of you integrity,
and your character and tells the world
the type of person you really are!

Did it again, why did I open my mount?

For the next 40 minutes, the men’s group went from a group of caring, loving individuals that wanted to help me, to a group that was now out to get me!

We even went “past the time for the meeting”, and now the men were into overtime, in grinding me down.  Double overtime!

All I saw was red faces, red eyes and I even thought that one person was going to jump over the table and attack.

Ok it was time to bail, head for the door before it was too late, but the men followed me to the parking lot and to the car and wow get out-ta-there dude!

But it did not end there.

Later that day one of the men came to my office and was ready to confront me again.
At least that is what I thought when he walked into my office.  Call Security NOW!

But that was not the case.

He came and told me that I was correct in my comment and felt sorry that the ‘bible study’ turned in to this bad situation.

I asked why “didn’t you stand up and help me out?”

He said “I’m not that stupid to open my month and make
that comment to a bunch of Christians with bad credit

One smart dude!

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