The ABCs of Working with a Commercial Lender

4page_img2As you navigate the budget and necessary finances for keeping up with your business expenses, you may decide you need a loan. Working with a commercial lender can help ensure you get the best loan, and terms, for your business.

There is no reason to be hesitant to work with a commercial lender because there are many reasons they can benefit your loan process, versus hinder it. Quite frankly, they can save you time and money. While yes, you do have to pay a fee to a broker for their professional services, there expertise is well worth the minor expense, and using a lender will save you the hassle and frustration of trying to obtain a loan on your own if you are not familiar with the process.

Working with a lender has many benefits. Using a commercial lender allows you to refocus your time, energy and efforts back where they belong — on your business. If you are too busy trying to figure out how to get a commercial business loan on your own, you may be distracted from the important tasks of managing your business, getting out and meeting new clients, and branching out into new markets. Using a lender allows you to be where you are supposed to be – building your business.

Along with saving you time and hassle working with a lender can save you money – most small business owners would agree that money is something they have little of to waste, so why would you want to waste money trying to obtain a loan on your own, when it’s a lender’s area of expertise to find you the lowest interest rates, fees and other costs that are associated with a loan. They can also serve as a trusted advisor if you have questions about finding an appraiser, a lawyer to look over your loan documents and the like. Having a lender you trust is an invaluable asset to getting the best loan for your business.

Finding the right commercial lender is easier than you think.

Asking other business owners, doing some research online and actually meeting with lenders to see if you get a good feeling about their services are all good ways to find the right lender for you and your business needs. Don’t sell yourself short when meeting with lenders. Ultimately, this is your choice and you will be working on a complex transaction with this lender so you should form a good working relationship.

Don’t waste time with a lender who is not willing to work in your best interest.

Working with a lender should result in a win-win situation. You should feel confident that the lender you are working with is going to get you the best loan. They should have expertise in your specific loan type, as well as your business’s industry. They should also be able to give you references if you request them. Customer service is another indicator if you’ve found the right lender – answering your calls and emails, in a timely, professional and courteous manner is important too.


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