Commercial Mortgages: Borrowers getting the help they need from bridge loans

Bridge loans and similar short term commercial mortgages are growing in popularity. These short term loans are easier to qualify for and in many case are more flexible than traditional loans. CMBS borrowers and retailers are finding bridge loans a vital source of financing in todays economic climate.

4page_img7-bigInvestors with short term financing needs find bridge loans particularly attractive. Bridge loans are held on lender balance sheets usually for periods of 12 to 36 months. These loans are often secured by the real-estate being purchased. Commonly bridge loans are often used to make down payments in order to complete the purchase of property.

These loans are often taken out in lieu of conventional financing and are usually paid off once a property owner finds a more conventional mortgage. Bridge loans can be applied to a slew of different property types and used to finance a multitude of projects. Properties or projects which traditional banks will likely deem too risky to finance.

The lower qualifications involved bridge loans often helps property owners finance necessary improvement projects. Traditional banks are unlikely to approve loans for renovation projects, as these banks prefer locations which already producing a steady income. Once a property owner makes necessary improvements they can pay off the bridge loan and apply for a conventional mortgage. Another advantage of bridge loans is that they require less documentation or collateral up front. Because less documentation is needed the approval process for bridge loans is considerably faster. In some cases, investors may face denial by traditional banks just as a deal is about to close. In these cases an investor can complete the deal by taking out a bridge loan rather than starting the conventional application process all over again.

Qualifications and loan caps on commercial mortgages are making bridge loans a vital source of financing.

In general commercial property values are stabilizing and in some markets they are even declining. This trend makes it hard for properties owners and investors to refinance for a larger amount, as banks continue to remain uncertain about property values in the long run. A growing number of commercial mortgage backed securities are also coming due. With these securities maturing many CMBS borrowers will need to quickly refinance or risk default. Bridge loans are filling the gap for many of these borrowers.

Struggling retailers are also finding bridge loans increasingly attractive commercial mortgage options.

Vacancies are on the rise at many shopping centers which makes it harder for land lords to refinance.The owners of shopping centers may need financing to make necessary improvements to their locations in order to compete with online retailers. Value add projects on these struggling retail centers (projects traditional banks are not likely to finance), are becoming increasingly necessary in order to attract customers. Land lords are turning more and more to bridge loans. Bridge loans enable them to add amenities to their locations bolster sales and to hold onto existing tenants. In short bridge loans are likely to grow in popularity as investors seek to refinance and to make necessary improvements on struggling properties.

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