4 Reasons for the Popularity of Commercial Hard Money Loans

Commercial hard money loans have grown in popularity in the past decade. Both lenders and borrowers are finding advantages to this unconventional loan from a nonbank lender.

Commercial hard money loans have become very popular with both borrowers and lenders. There are benefits for both parties and the loans are meeting a need for investors as well as those in the commercial real estate industry. Learning more about the appeal of these loans explains the increase in their popularity.

The mutual benefit enjoyed by both the borrower and the lender make these a great financial tool. They are serving the needs of the borrower who wants to purchase a commercial property but might not have the best credit or the time to complete a traditional commercial loan application. The other beneficiary in this deal is the investor or the lender. The lender is making a great return on investment and also has the security afforded by the collateral on the loan. If the borrower defaults on the loan then the lender can foreclose on the property and sell it to recover their investment.

The trying financial times of the past recession are still lingering in the form of poor credit history for many. But commercial hard money loans have provided those borrowers with a resource that does not depend on their past credit. The hard money loan is secured based on the value of the collateral and with some interest in the borrower’s current ability to repay the loan. Much less importance is placed on the borrower’s old credit history. In this instance commercial hard money loans are providing businesses with a second chance to purchase property and rebuild damaged credit.

Hard Money Loans are good for Everyone Involved

The concept of asset based underwriting is beneficial to both the borrower and the lender. It allows borrowers more opportunity to qualify for a loan and it also allows the lenders to make well informed decisions about who to approve. Again, this is a feature of hard money lending that benefits everyone involved in the transaction as well as the overall economy.

Lenders are Getting Rewarded

Not all of the benefits are going to the borrowers. It is true that the hard money loans offer opportunities to those who would not qualify for a traditional loan. But in return for the more lax criteria for qualification, lenders are reaping a great benefit. They are earning a much higher return on investment than they would get investing in other areas of the economy such as the stock market. And the lender is in a position of more control over their investing. They are determining who they choose to lend their money to and the terms at which they are willing to lend it. In the end, hard money lending is growing in popularity with lenders because it is a great investment with an above average return. And borrowers who were turned down for traditional loans are seeking hard money loans as an alternative that meets their needs and presents less difficulty in the application and approval process.


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