Qualification for Hard Money Commercial Loans Texas

4page_img3-bigConventional commercial loans Texas can be hard to qualify for. But a hard money lender offers a much more stream lined and speedy loan process.

Hard money commercial loans Texas require much less paperwork and third party reports than a convention loan. This is a great benefit to a borrower who needs funding quickly or does not have the credit history needed to qualify for a bank loan. Knowing what it takes to get a hard money loan will help you to decide if this is a solution that you should explore more in depth.

Some hard money commercial loans Texas lenders have an application process that is similar to a conventional lender but others focus on asset based lending. In the case of the asset based lenders, the primary concern is not the value of the commercial property that you are buying but the value of the assets that you are planning to use as collateral. The value of the assets will even be more important than your level of credit or your credit history. In some cases the assets can be inventory or equipment. In other cases, it could be accounts receivables or other property that the business owns.

Regardless of the type of collateral that you will provide, you will need to submit a certain amount of information to the lender. This is just the process for any loan request. But what you will not need to submit is the prior financial history of your business. You will also need to provide information about the reason for your request. In most cases, commercial loans Texas lenders will want to know a little bit about the property and also see photos of the interior and exterior of the property.

What Makes Hard Money Lending Different

Because you are requesting a hard money loan, you need to expect that the interest rate is going to be higher than a conventional commercial real estate loan. The lender is evaluating the risk associated with your business and its ability to repay the loan. They are also evaluating their ability to recover their investment should you fail to keep up with the payments. This could include an evaluation of how quickly and effortlessly they could liquidate your collateral assets. Selling property could be much faster than trying to find a person who is interested in buying old equipment or merchandise which was a part of your inventory.

It is a Viable Option

Even though the interest rate will be higher than a conventional lender, a hard money commercial loan could be a good solution for your business. If you have no credit history or cannot verify cash flow then securing a conventional loan could be impossible. But be sure that you fully understand the terms of the loan agreement before you sign the document. Just because the lender is not a loan company or bank does not mean that the contract will not be legally binding.


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