Reason to Get a Hard Money Commercial Mortgage Texas

cid_87129CA4-8997-4497-93EA-0E8446CC772AYou might be ready to give up on purchasing a commercial property if you have been turned down for a conventional loan. But the solution for many issues can be a hard money commercial mortgage Texas.

You could be feeling that you have no options left if you have been rejected for a conventional commercial mortgage Texas. But the truth is that there are a lot of good reason to look into a commercial hard money loan. It is true that you will be paying a higher interest rate than you would on a traditional commercial mortgage Texas, but it could be well worth it to solve a problem or avoid one altogether.

The most common reason that borrowers seek a hard money commercial mortgage Texas is because they have financial issues that won’t allow them to qualify for a traditional mortgage. You might not have enough income or assets to prove to a bank or lender that you will be able to make the payments. Or your business might be too new and not have a long enough credit history to qualify for a loan. If you already have commercial mortgages that are outstanding, then you could also be considered a high risk and a conventional lender will not offer a loan.

Or the property itself could be the issue. In the case of a more unique property it could be very hard to secure a loan which uses that property as collateral. The property could meet all of your needs but still might not convince a lender that it is a good risk as collateral. Another issue regarding the property could be that it has outstanding liens, judgements or other unpaid bills. If this is the case then most lenders are not going to want to carry that increased risk. If you are not able to pay the debt in cash then you will most likely not get a conventional mortgage for the property.

Avoiding a Huge Issue

If you already have a conventional commercial mortgage but are behind on the payments, then a hard money mortgage could be your only hope of avoiding foreclosure. If this is the case then paying a higher interest rate for the hard money loan to pay off the conventional loan is very wise. Not only will it help you to avoid losing the property but it will also help you to avoid ruining your credit. And even if the hard money loan is a short time frame, it allows you time to regroup and try to find a long term solution.

Know What You Are Getting Into

Not every problem has an easy solution. Paying a higher interest rate is never your first choice but it can be a way to avoid further issues and even the loss of your property and credit. Understanding the terms of a hard money loan and being willing to accept them can be a good idea. Just be sure that you have evaluated all of your options and that the hard money loan is the best short and long term solution that you have at your disposal.


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