Guide to a Commercial Mortgage Texas

Attending a conferenceWhen you are considering a commercial property purchase, you also need to consider your options for a commercial mortgage Texas. Knowing the requirements and the process can be a great help in selecting the best lender to work with.

As you begin to explore the world of the commercial mortgage Texas, you might be overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information and the options. You can do the research and educate yourself or seek the assistance of a broker. But even when relying on a professional, you need to have a basic grasp of the requirements to qualify and the process that you will need to follow.

Most lenders are going to require a lot of the same information when you apply for a commercial mortgage Texas. It is wise to begin early and have your information packet completed prior to starting the application process. You will need to provide audited accounts for the past two years, a profit and loss projection for the upcoming two years, a list of the owners of the business for credit verification purposes, asset and liability statements for the owners, a copy of the business plan, credit status for the business and growth projections for the company. Having this information current and in a presentation format will make the application process for a commercial mortgage Texas much less daunting.

The term of a commercial mortgage loan is normally shorter than a residential mortgage term. In most cases they will not extend beyond 20 years. In addition, the interest rates will be higher due to the increased risk to the lender. You can control the interest rate a bit by making a larger down payment to increase the instant equity in the property. This reduces the risk that the lender is facing in the event that you default on the loan. The property is much more likely to have a value in excess of the mortgage balance and the lender would be able to more easily sell the property to recover their invested funds.

Understanding the Fee Structure

It is critical that you understand the fee structure on any mortgage that you are considering. This is the most important information that you will use to compare the mortgages and select the one that best suits your needs. You can expect to pay between .5% and 1.5% in administrative fees for the loan. These can be called out as flat cost application fees, processing fees or simply added in as an administrative percentage. In addition there will be legal fees for document creation and review, insurance and surveys for the property. And finally there might be fees for early pay off on the mortgage. Commercial lenders are making money from the interest that they charge and are not willing to forego that money if the borrower pays the loan off early.

Complete Your Due Diligence

As with any large commitment, you need to invest your time in learning the process and learning about your options before commencing. This will include learning about lenders, brokers and the commercial real estate market in your area. With a strong foundation of knowledge you will be able to make wise financial decisions about purchasing a commercial property.


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