The Damage Hurricane Harvey Causes on Commercial Mortgages in Texas is Still Unclear

1page_img3Hurricane Harvey brought record-rainfall that led to some of the worst flooding that the country has ever seen. Those in the area are eager to see the damage that Hurricane Harvey left on commercial mortgages in Texas.

Local banks are a little on edge because it is still unclear just how much work is needed to build the area back up after being hit hard by the category 4 hurricane. As of now, it is estimated that tens of millions of properties backed by commercial mortgages in Texas could be at risk and face a long road of recovery.

The Small Business Association has already received a good number of disaster loan requests, leading many to think that more are on their way and that the industry of commercial mortgages in Texas could have been heavily impacted. Not only do businesses have to worry about repairing the property damage caused by Hurricane Harvey, they also are dealing with the loss of income after having to close for so many days during the storm and now during the recovery efforts.

Unfortunately, the area had already been facing issues because Hurricane Harvey tore through southeastern Texas. The state saw a very high vacancy rate at the end of the 2nd quarter, the worst vacancy rate percentage the state had seen in over 20 years. Because of these struggles before the storm, it could take the area even longer to recover.

Commercial Mortgages in Texas could have been heavily impacted by Hurricane Harvey

The long-term impact of the storm and struggles before Hurricane Harvey could take a lot of time and effort to rebuild. With the flood damage and missing income for a good amount of time, many are in fear of having issues with making a profit. These need for commercial mortgages in Texas could increase due to those needing extra help to get back on their feet.

Some are hoping that commercial mortgages in Texas are the most of the issues when it comes to that industry

The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey may still remain unclear, but some are hopeful that the banking industry will not suffer too much, since they were already seeing issues. The storm lasted for several days in some areas and broke plenty of records. Lenders are fearing late payments will be more common and that this trend will only continue as the area rebuilds from a bad 2nd financial quarter and now the damages caused by Hurricane Harvey.


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