What Type of Terms Can I Expect On My Texas Commercial Mortgage?

Time-for-a-New-Home-Loan-From-Setabay-Home-MortgageHandling the financial responsibility is as much rooted in educating yourself about your roll as it is about having the financial resources to pay back your loan. If you are considering a Texas Commercial Mortgage, it is important to know the terms under which you will enter repayment.

One of the distinct differences between a residential mortgage and a Texas Commercial Mortgage are the terms of repayment. While this is a good thing for many small business owners, it is important to understand these terms so that you do not inadvertently make a mistake or agree to a loan that is not beneficial to you.

The biggest factor of a Texas Commercial Mortgage to understand is the balloon payment. This consists of a large, principal payment at the end of the loan term. In this case, the loan is amortized out as if it were for a much longer term and the borrower makes regular interest / principal payments during the term. Then, after the shortened term is up, the borrower will be required to pay the remaining balance in one large payment. The idea behind this is that the small business owner will use this time to ramp up revenue so that by the time the term is up, they will have saved enough (and grown enough) to be able to handle the payment.

1. This is not always the case, however. If a small business owner is not able to increase their revenue stream in short a shortened time period, there are options available. One such option is to refinance the Texas Commercial Mortgage with the same lender. This is, often times, the best option, due to the fact that the business owner now has a rapport with the lender and might also be able to refinance at a lower interest rate (making payments on time for the length of the term is bound to have a positive impact on your credit as well).

Another option would be to seek out another lender for another loan for the express purpose of paying back the original. It might also be possible to increase the amount of the loan to include some funds for property improvements or expansion. Again, the would depend on the qualifications and assets of the borrower.

This is risky, however, as there is a possibility that that borrower might not qualify for another loan and the property would be at risk. This is a problem if the business has had cash flow problems or has had difficulty meeting other financial obligations, like failing to meet repayment terms.

Are there any terms on a Texas Commercial Mortgage that do not include balloon payments?

Yes. If you are looking for a Texas Commercial Mortgage that does not come with a balloon payment, there are options available. Non-traditional lenders often specialize in these types of loans and often have lower sets of requirements for borrowers to obtain them. However, the interest rates on these loans are often higher in order to make up for the greater risk that the lender is taking on.


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