Negotiations In Texas Commercial Lending : How Do You Get The Best Terms?

4page_img3Once you have settled on a lender and gone through the entire application process, there will come a time when you we be offered terms for your loan. But what do you do if these Texas Commercial Lending terms are not to your liking or not what you thought they were going to be?

It’s bound to happen. The loan officer that you have been working with is not able to deliver on the terms that you had wanted. The bank is not willing to make any movement on the terms because they are, in the eyes of the lender, competitive. But they are still not satisfactory for you. What can you do?

First, you need to understand that in the world of Texas Commercial Lending , institutions compete against each other for your business. Without you, the borrower, they would not exist and this gives you tremendous power. But in order to use this most effectively, you will need to do some leg work. The result, however, will be terms that are more to your liking.

The best way to maximize your power in Texas Commercial Lending and get the most out of your leverage is to force lenders to compete against each other. If you only have one offer from one bank, they have absolutely no reason to compete against themselves. Why would they give you better terms simply because you ask for it? Just because you are a loyal customer? While that might get you some nice perks, it will certainly not get you excellent terms.

So stack your deck by getting offers from competing banks. You don’t have to take them, but you could easily have multiple offers so that you are negotiating not only from a position of power, but also one of knowledge. The bank that you really want to do business with is unwilling to give you a 15-year term? See if you can get a competing bank to do so.

Walking in to a bank with a competing offer in hand will quickly change the tune of your desired letter. Now it isn’t just something that the borrow would like. It is now something that the borrower could receive, but from someone else. This will make it much easier for your loan officer to go to their superiors and seek better terms for you. After all, no one wants to see your business walk out, especially if you are trying to consolidate all of your accounts to one bank. So give your lenders a reason to work with you.

How many lenders are too many when obtaining competing offers in Texas Commercial Lending ?

A good number of applications is three. Not only do you not want to dilute your efforts too much, but it also takes a lot of work to go through the process of obtaining a Texas Commercial Loans. Doing that three times is going to be very time consuming for you. Stick to two or three, just enough to have different options but not so many that it gets out of control. By making lenders compete against each other, you can make Texas Commercial Lending work for you, instead of frustrating you.


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