Key Terms to Understand When Considering Commercial Real Estate Loans Texas

2page_img2-bigCommercial real estate is valued differently than residential real estate. Knowing some key terms will improve your understanding of commercial real estate loans Texas.

Residential property value is determined greatly by the location and the size of the property as well as the amenities and finishes. But commercial real estate is a very different entity. The greatest value in a commercial property is the usable square footage. The ability to make money through the use of the property is all that really hold value so the current condition and features are not really as important as they would be in a residential property. Knowing and understanding the key terms used when evaluating commercial real estate will help you to better understand commercial real estate loans Texas and why certain properties hold more value than others.

Net operating income is a critical factor in determining the potential value of a commercial property. NOI is determined by evaluating the property’s first year gross operating income and then subtracting the first year operating expenses. As you would expect, you want to have a positive NOI. When a property makes money in its first year it is a strong indicator that it will continue to turn a profit and that is what increases the value of a commercial property. When a property has a positive new operating income then that property is going to be great collateral for commercial real estate loans Texas.

Cap rate is a term that is also used to evaluate an income producing property. This is an important term if you are purchasing a property and will be using part of it for your business and renting out the remaining portion of the property. The cap rate is used to project the net present value of the future cash flow generated by the property. Again, a property that is demonstrating good income is always going to be favored in commercial real estate loans Texas over a property which is not providing as much income. Purchasing a property with a strong income history will increase your potential for a commercial loan at a good interest rate.

Know What Lenders Are Looking For

When you are seeking a loan on a commercial property, lenders are concerned with the financial stability of your business and also your creditworthiness. But they are equally concerned with the value of the property that you are purchasing. Not only are they looking at the current market value but they are also looking at the earning potential of the property.

Finding the Best Property for Your Needs and the Loan Criteria

When you are shopping for a commercial property the requirements are somewhat different than shopping for a residential property. The residential property must meet only your needs. But a commercial property is often more desirable if it meets your needs as well as the needs of your lender. That means that if the property can generate income to decrease the risk on your loan then it is a better choice. You might not have considered being a landlord but having tenants who are helping to pay your monthly mortgage can be a big advantage for you.

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