Interest and Fees You Will Pay for Commercial Real Estate Loans Texas

Considering the long and arduous application process, you might be happy to simply get approved for any commercial real estate loans Texas, but you need to evaluate the cost of each loan. Selecting the loan with the lowest interest and fees will save you a great deal of money.

Whenever you are shopping for a loan, the first item that you look at is the interest rate and that is also important on commercial real estate loans Texas. The rate that you will be offered is going to depend on the type of business that you are in, the financial condition of your business and also you creditworthiness. In some cases your business will not have enough credit history to secure the loan and you will need to provide your personal credit and financial information to secure a loan as a guarantor on the loan.

The interest rate on commercial real estate loans Texas tend to be a bit higher than on a residential mortgage because of the increased risk that it represents to the lender. Because the value of commercial property is more volatile, lenders want to get a little bit better return on their investment. It is not uncommon to find rates ranging from 3.5% to around 6% depending on the type of lender that you are working with. The loan to value rate of the property can also influence the interest rate. The more money that you put down the lower the percentage of the price of the property you are financing. This means that the lender is willing to give you a slightly better rate. The primary reason is that they are concerned with the property holding enough value to cover the outstanding balance on your loan should you default. So the larger down payment means that you have instant equality and the lender is more confident that they will always be able to recover their investment in you.

Understand the Fee Structure and Payment Timeframe

In addition to paying interest you will pay fees to get commercial real estate loans Texas. You will be required to pay for the property appraisal, legal costs, the loan application fee, the loan origination fee and also the survey fee. Some lenders want these fees to be paid prior to the loan approval and others will simply apply the fees annually. If you are not sure that you will qualify for a loan then you will want to be careful to select lenders who will waive the payment of fees until after the loan is approved. Also, you will need to pay the appraisal and survey fees to all lenders as they are legally bound to complete those tasks themselves and cannot “share” the appraisal or survey documents.

Know the Total Cost of Borrowing Money

There are many terms and costs that are unique to commercial real estate loans. Knowing what all of these terms mean and how they will impact your ability to make payments is important. But the most important factor is knowing the total cost of the loan that you are requesting. Adding all of the fees to the interest will allow you to better compare your options and select the loan that is truly the best deal to meet your needs.

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