Important Criteria When Getting a Commercial Mortgage Texas

When you are applying for a commercial mortgage Texas, it is important that you know what lenders are looking for. Knowing this information will help you to get the best possible rates.

As you have learned more about the commercial mortgage Texas process, you learned that your creditworthiness is an important part of the equation. Having a credit score over 680 and having no foreclosures or bankruptcies is a basic must to qualify. In addition, your business needs to be three or more years old to demonstrate stability. But you have also learned that a lender is going to be looking at more than just your business to determine if your request is a good risk. The lender will be evaluating the property that you are purchasing to make sure that it meets certain criteria.

The location of the property can play a big part in getting approved for a commercial mortgage Texas. Lenders know that most business owners will be leasing a portion of the property to tenants to assist in paying the mortgage. Having the property in a large metro area will make it a more desirable location for tenants. Building in remote areas, rural areas or places with poor access are harder to lease. This increases the likelihood of the borrower defaulting on the loan at some point.

Leasing History is Critical

Another factor that the lender will want to investigate is the lease term that could be in place. If there are tenants in the building currently, how long does their lease extend? Having a tenant in place from the previous owner is great but having them locked into a long lease is even better. This is simply another sign that the borrower will have extended income from the property and is likely to have less difficulty in making the monthly payments. In addition to any current leasing information, the lender will take into account any past lease history of the property. Have there been any long term tenants in recent years? Has there been a lot of tenant turnover in the past? Again, the lender is trying to gauge the desirability of the property from a tenant’s perspective. Having a strong lease history is a key factor in securing a commercial mortgage Texas at a great rate. It helps to prove that the property will have a positive cash flow in the future and that the borrower will continue to be able to make the payments on the loan.

Property Condition Counts As Well

Another important factor in how desirable the property is to tenants in the overall condition of the building and the grounds. If the property is in disrepair then it will be hard to sign tenants to a long term lease and even harder to keep them in place. In addition, a property that needs a lot of work can quickly turn positive cash flow into negative cash flow. Repairs and renovations can quickly eat up cash and make it difficult to make the mortgage payments. Knowing what a lenders looks for in a commercial property can help you to select a property which will meet your businesses needs and also appeal to a lender as a solid investment.

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